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Now that the new year is here and we’ve finally completed our closet renovation, I am ready to get our closet organized! Having a space where you know where everything is and has its own home is key for having a smooth morning, especially with little kids (see my morning routine as a working mom here!). Since our closet has a weird shape thanks to the roofline, keeping it organized is so important for making it feel larger than it is. If you’re in the same situation, you’ve come to the right place! Today, I’m sharing my closet organization tips to help you start (and continue!) the year off strong.

revealing our renovated closet
closet renovation reveal
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Closet Organization Tips

Ready to finally tackle your closet and get it organized? Here are my best closet organization tips!

Get Creative with the Space You Have

Not everyone has the perfect closet situation (we sure don’t!) but making the most of the space you do have is the best way to get your closet organized. If you’re opting for built-ins, consider the best layout for your space that will give you the most storage space that is functional. In our closet, I used the space above where I hang tops to store extra shoes and bags that also double as decor for the space and they’re literally just sitting on top of the unit! 

how i organize our closet

Be Strategic About Exposed Storage

For the areas where it doesn’t make sense to have closed-in storage, utilize exposed storage instead! This is a great way to show off your favorite and most used handbags, and your shoes, and make a style statement but with items you need organized, like perfumes!

I love the exposed storage we have in our closet for the items that I find myself reaching for the most often, or for the items I need to shoot with my photographer for upcoming content. It keeps everything streamlined and eliminates having to dig (or overthink!) for what I’m looking for.

closet organization tips
tips for keeping your closet organized
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Fill in the Gaps

With any gaps you have in your closet space, think about how you can turn them into areas to get organized. Maybe you use these spaces to store and organize shoes or maybe you utilize extra wall space with hat storage like I do. This will help keep everything organized while taking advantage of the space you do have!

If you decide to utilize wall space or the ends of your closet organization units as storge, I highly recommend using command hooks to keep everything damage-free. This will give you the opportunity to switch things up in the future, too!

wide brim hat organization

Purge Often

It’s no secret that I have a lot of clothes. And by a lot, I truly mean a lot. You can definitely get an idea from these photos! While I have a lot of clothes, everything I do have are items that I’m always reaching for or wear often. When it comes to purging, I follow the following rules:

  • When was the last time you wore it? If it hasn’t been touched in 6-12 months and it isn’t a seasonal item, get rid of it.
  • What is the quality? Is it falling apart? If the item is one you love but has seen better days, get rid of it and find a replacement that is of higher quality so you’ll have it for years to come.
  • Try your clothes on. If it doesn’t fit properly and can’t be tailored to fit right, get rid of it! If it doesn’t fit your current personal style, it’s time to go.

I like to purge my closet 2-3 times a year to help avoid any build-up of clothing (and shoes!) that don’t fulfill me. Once I have a pile, I’ll bring higher-quality items to consignment shops to get some money back and the rest gets donated!

tips for organizing your closet
built in closet organization

Be Strategic About Folding

Whether you have a lot of drawer or shelf space, or it’s limited, the way you fold will make a huge impact on the amount of space your clothes take up. I personally love the Marie Kondo folding method for this! It keeps my clothes looking their best and I’m able to fit even more in each drawer.

folding clothes for drawers

User Your Drawers Wisely

Not all of your drawers need to be utilized for clothing! In our closet island, I reserved the top drawers to store hair items and jewelry. This helps keep the top of the island clutter free and keeps everything nice and organized.

headband organization

Utilize Closed Storage

On the walls in our closet that were tall enough to have full closed storage, I added in two large cabinets for my denim and handbags. Since both of these items aren’t as “pretty” to look at in open shelving, the closed-in space allows me to shut the doors and forget about it. It also breaks up the open storage in our closet.

Love these tips and want more? Get my tips for keeping your vanity organized & see our laundry room refresh and organization!

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  1. Maya says:

    Ohhhh wow Anitra, your closet is rocking, Girl! I adore the tips you’ve given. My closet size is a nice size. I’m definitely going to incorporate these tips.

  2. Sherunda says:

    Hey Nitra! 😊 always a pleasure to see how you set things up. I have a rather small closet, but I can still implement some of your tips. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Morgan Aguirre says:

    Love your closet! I’m going to try and fold my clothes that way!

  4. Jeannette Grant says:

    I love these tips. I’ve been trying to follow the same rules for a little while now. And I love that you’ve closed the wall shelves with cabinets. You’re closet is a nice space and I love how you worked around the odd roofline to make it something more than just a catch all room for extra seasonal storage.

  5. Emoretta Robinson says:

    Not only does the Marie Kondo method save space but it’s visually appealing as well. I like to see a well organized closet. Speaking of which I need to purge some things from mine.

  6. Cella Vonne says:

    You should do a tour on your closet . I can’t remember you doing one when it was completed.

  7. Catherine Simmons says:

    What a beautiful closet! Good motivation for getting my closet organized

  8. Mari G says:

    I love it so organized and beautiful.

  9. Y Shneice Barnette says:

    It looks very nice…as I knew it would…😊

  10. Terrie A says:

    Everything is so clean and beautiful ❤️

  11. Ashley KW says:

    Could you share what cabinets you used/ where you purchased? (where you have your jeans) Great tips as always!!

  12. Fellisha Green-Weir says:

    Love all your tips and ideas. Truly can’t wait to begin styling my home and using all your tips and tricks.

  13. Petronellaakeisha says:

    Beautiful closet Nitra. Please do a tour on Youtube.

  14. Erin Marie Mason says:

    Nitraa B You are just the bomb Sis. Thank you for always sharing your tips with us to make our lives easier. God bless you Queen. And your closet Sis 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥