My Morning Routine as a Working Mom

I am a true believer that the way we spend our mornings sets the tone for how our day is going to go. This is exactly why it is so important to take advantage of the time you do have, implement good habits, and create a routine that works for you. Before becoming a mom, my morning routine was, for lack of better words, a hot mess. Some days I’d have productive mornings other days I’d roll out of bed and head straight to my computer. But now that I have two kids and work full-time, having a morning routine that helps me balance myself, work, and my family is the only way I stay sane.

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morning routine as a working mom

My Morning Routine as a Working Mom

Wake Up Before the Kids

Waking up before the kids do is a non-negotiable for me! This is the only time I have to myself throughout the day without worrying about what the kids are doing, what emails I have to answer, and what tasks I have to do around the house. When I get up in the morning, I always enjoy a cup of coffee, get ready for the day, go through my to-do list, check our calendar for the day, and tackle any other tasks I want to get done before the day gets going!

Get The Kids Up

Once 7/7:30 AM rolls around, I will go wake up the kids and start getting them ready for the day if they’re not already up. This includes getting dressed, cleaning up rooms quickly, and having breakfast.

Get Ready for the Day

If I didn’t get ready for the day before getting the kids up, this is when I’ll head upstairs to my vanity and do my hair and make-up quick! Getting ready for the day is my favorite way to get into a working mindset! I find if I don’t get ready, I won’t be as productive during the day. It’s also nice when I decide to shoot content last minute!

Sit Down at My Computer

Once everyone is ready for the day and where they’re supposed to be (independent, camp, etc.), I’ll sit down at my computer and start my work day! As a full-time content creator, each day looks a little different but I always start with the same routine. This includes:

  • Going through and answering emails
  • Checking in with my virtual assistant 
  • Putting together a to-do list of tasks I need to get done that day
  • Answer any comments or DMs that came through overnight on Instagram

From here, I’ll start chipping away at my to-do list! This is often a mix of editing photos and video content for the blog and Instagram, working on upcoming brand collaborations, pitching brands, creating content, and so on and so forth. If you’d like to see a whole breakdown of what goes into being a content creator, let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Shalynthia says:

    Can you do a breakdown of what goes into being a content creator?

  2. Shanequia says:

    I would love to see how you navigate creating content!

  3. Beauty Folse says:

    It’s official, I need to get into the habit of a daily routine. Putting the kids & yourself together every morning seems to be my biggest hurdle. My lack of effort is stopping me from being great. I need to get it together.

  4. Ashleigh Logan says:

    I would love to see a breakdown of what goes into being a full-time content creator!

  5. Erin Mason says:

    Great routine. I get up at 4:30am. Help hubby get ready then myself. It really helps.