Tips for Keeping Your Vanity Organized

I am so, so excited for today’s post because it is all about one of my favorite areas of our home: my vanity. As an area that I’m at every day to get ready for the day ahead, it’s become a sort of haven if you will. Depending on Colton and I’s schedule, I’ll retreat to my vanity to get ready for the day once the boys are settled, and having an organized space makes it so much easier to get ready.

how to organize your vanity

Over the years, it’s been a lot of trial and error with getting my vanity space organized (and keeping it organized!), especially with all of the beauty products I own! But I’ve finally figured out what works for me and it’s helped me get ready faster in the mornings.

Tips for Keeping Your Vanity Organized

beauty product organization
tips for organizing beauty products

Utilize Storage Solutions

I can’t even tell you how long I went without utilizing storage solutions to keep all of my products neat and tidy. Once I realized the power that makeup organizers, drawers, and brush holders had, I went all out and haven’t looked back since.

Stackable 3-Piece Organizer

This organizer is really great solution for all products. Whether you hoard makeup, skincare, perfume, or hair products, this 3-piece organizer will hold it all. I love that it has little drawers on the bottom for smaller items such as wipes, travel products, or lip colors. 

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Rotating Storage Shelf

This rotating storage shelf is great for larger products or ones you’re reaching for often. I personally use it to keep my perfumes organized (check out my favorite perfumes here!) and love that I can see all of the labels so clearly. This would also be great for skin care products, including cleansers and toners.

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Crystal Makeup Brush Holder

This makeup brush holder has been a game changer! I was previously keeping my brushes in a makeup bag and would always forget I had so many of them and never use them. Now that they’re (quite literally) right in front of my face, I’m using them all an equal amount. I also don’t have to worry about leaving brushes out to dry after using wet products on them.

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Glass Makeup Organizer

This organizer is super functional! I like to use mine for any of my foundations and taller serums, and keep my lip colors, false eyelashes, and loose powders in the drawers. The detailing is gorgeous, too!

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More Organizers I’m Loving:

Your Vanity Doesn’t Have to be in the Bathroom

Share a bathroom with your spouse or just don’t have a lot of counter space? Your vanity doesn’t have to be in the bathroom! If you have an unused corner in your bedroom or an empty room, turn it into your getting-ready space. This is actually what I did for mine and love that I don’t have to be in the bathroom to get ready.

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