Ezra’s Two Wild Birthday Party

two wild birthday party

If you’ve ever taken on the adventure of hosting a toddler’s birthday party, you know that the excitement of the big day is often matched only by the chaos of the preparations. But don’t fret – we’ve got a wild idea that will make your little one’s special day unforgettable. Get ready to channel your inner party-planner extraordinaire and join us on a journey into the heart of the jungle, where we’ll be showing you how to execute a two wild birthday party theme. So, grab your safari hats, unleash your creativity, and let’s roar into action for a roaring good time!

These past two years have seriously flown by, and I am amazed at how he has grown. One of the things I’ve loved doing over the years is choosing a toddler birthday party theme that fits who our child is at the time. Ezra is truly our wild boy and keeps us on our toes, which made us choose a two wild birthday party theme to celebrate him with!

Two Wild Birthday Party

With choosing the theme out of the way, the next step in our party planning process was to choose the venue. 99% of the time, we host all of our special occasion parties at our house, and this party was no exception. That’s actually one of the reasons we purchased our home! Entertaining is one of my love languages, so I wanted a place to host and bring our families together.

For the birthday party decor, we opted for a refreshing palette of light blue, cream, and gold. The result? An adorable and unique celebration that truly represented Ezra’s vibrant spirit. The decor was essential to set the mood for this special day. We adorned the party space with blue and gold tablecloths, which added a touch of elegance to the festivities. To make a statement, we incorporated a balloon arch kit from Temu, complete with large light-up letters spelling “Two Wild.” It served as the perfect backdrop for capturing those Instagram-worthy moments. Keeping the centerpieces simple, we used glass jars filled with fresh greenery, maintaining the elegant yet understated atmosphere. And, of course, we had bring out matching family t-shirts to match the theme!

toddler birthday party theme
two wild birthday theme boy

Birthday Party Activities For Toddlers

For the little ones, we had a small bounce house that perfectly complemented the theme. It kept the kids busy and entertained, allowing the adults to enjoy the celebration. We also added a small ball pit for another element of sensory play. Here are some other birthday party activities for toddlers we considered –

  • Creating a face painting station.
  • Sectioning off an area for a DIY mini golf course.
  • Planning a scavenger hunt.
  • Setting up an age-appropriate obstacle course.
birthday party activities for toddlers
toddler birthday party themes

Finger Food Ideas For Toddler Birthday Party

When we started planning Ezra’s two wild birthday party, we started brainstorming some toddler-friendly food ideas. For toddlers, the golden rule is to keep it simple and fun, especially when it comes to finger foods. Think tiny bites that are easy for little hands to pick up and munch on without too much mess.

Mini sandwiches, cut into fun shapes with cookie cutters, are always a hit. Fresh fruit kabobs, with colorful chunks of watermelon, strawberries, and pineapple, not only look enticing but also provide a healthy option. Mini meatballs or chicken nuggets, served with a dipping sauce, are a savory delight. Don’t forget some crunchy snacks like pretzels, popcorn, or veggie sticks with a side of dip. And to satisfy the sweet tooth, mini cupcakes, bite-sized brownies, or fruit platters with a yogurt dip can add a delightful touch. Keep in mind that while you’re planning the menu, it’s essential to consider any dietary restrictions or allergies among the little guests. With these finger food ideas, you’re sure to keep the energy levels high and the smiles even higher at your toddler’s birthday party.

finger food ideas for toddler birthday party
birthday party snacks for toddlers

The cake, adorned with adorable animal toppers, was a real showstopper and was a big hit with the kids! Over the years, we have found that kids tend to choose cupcakes over a regular cake, so we do a smaller cake to fit within the party theme.

two wild birthday

Remember, birthday parties are all about creating magical moments and treasured memories. The two wild birthday party theme we executed this year is just one of countless possibilities for making your little one’s day extra special. The key to a successful toddler birthday party lies in keeping things simple, offering a variety of finger foods to cater to tiny tastes, and, most importantly, embracing the joy and wonder of childhood. So, let your imagination run wild, and don’t forget to capture those heartwarming moments on camera. From the jungle decorations to the laughter of the kids, every detail will be etched in your memory forever. Here’s to making memories that will last a lifetime!

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