Instagram Tips For Beginners: Advice From A Six-Figure Influencer

instagram tips for beginners

My journey to six-figure influencer has had many ebbs and flows over the last decade, and with that, my strategy often changes. One of my biggest tips for anyone wanting to be a full-time influencer is to diversify your income streams! Instagram is one of my income streams, as well as a place where I get to connect with my audience, so it’s definitely one of the stronger pieces of my brand. After years of crafting strategy (that never stays the same too long thanks to the good ole algorithm), I’m sharing a few of my Instagram tips for beginners that you need to know. So grab your phone, get ready to snap some killer pics, and let’s dive into this ultimate guide to Instagram success, straight from the playbook of a six-figure influencer.

Instagram Tips For Beginners

If you want being an influencer to be a business for you, then you have to treat it that way! This means learning how to use Instagram professionally. Don’t let that sentence scare you. This simply means having an intentional plan and process for the platform.

For example, you need to have a plan for when, how, and what content you’re shooting, a plan for posting, etc. Batch shooting is your friend! I’m a wife and mom before I’m an influencer, so in order to keep my schedule not too packed, I try to shoot as much content as I can at one time, which requires planning and prepping ahead of time.

I also have a plan for when content is going live. This doesn’t have to be super rigid, but it’s nice to know, for example, that you need a post to go live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Or let’s say you create content on another platform such as YouTube, well if you have a Youtube video going up on Monday sharing a makeup tutorial, you’ll probably want to share and promote that video on Instagram the same day.

How Do You Make Your Instagram Pictures Look Better?

These days, I primarily use a photographer for shooting my content, but that wasn’t always the case! It used to be me, Colton, and my DSLR against the world. No matter what, one of my top Instagram photo tips stays the same – perfect your lighting!

Lighting can and will make the biggest difference in how your photos turn out! This doesn’t have to mean you’re investing in something like a ring light, either. If your budget allows it, they’re a fantastic option (this one is my favorite), but they’re not a necessity.

Natural lighting is your friend, but you do have to learn how to make it work for you. Here are some of my foolproof natural lighting tips –

  • Always have the light facing you and not coming in from behind you.
  • If it’s too sunny, use sheer white curtains to diffuse the natural sunlight.
  • When filming or taking a photo, face a window.
  • Try to avoid filming a video on a partly cloudy day when the light is constantly shifting.
instagram photo tips

What Is The Best Camera Setting For Reels?

iPhones are constantly changing, which means the best camera settings for Instagram are also changing. As I said previously, I mainly use a DSLR camera for my content, but I have mastered a few iPhone settings that anyone looking for Instagram tips for beginners should know!

First things first, turn HDR off. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when you have stark differences in your lighting in different clips, it does tend to look a bit wonky since it enhances the good as well as the bad. This is especially true for video.

Next, switch your camera settings to 4K and 24fps or 60fps. I recommend going with a lower frame rate when you’re just filming a standard video that you won’t be editing the speed, but a higher frame rate when you will be slowing down or speeding up the footage for a smoother, more professional look. Changing either of these settings does make your videos take up more storage in your phone, so be mindful of that!

How Do I Edit Photos Like A Pro?

After you figure out the best camera settings for Instagram, it’s all about the editing! The biggest obstacle to editing is actually your original photo. If you have a good base to work with, editing is a breeze! Before I began working with a photographer Lightroom Mobile was my favorite app for editing photos because it gives you lots of control. You can do something on the simpler side, or edit more intricate details. Their recent update now also allows you to edit videos!

One of the best-kept secrets about using Lightroom Mobile to edit is presets. Etsy has so many different options, lots of them straight from photographers! Basically, a preset is a predetermined set of editing details that you can apply to your photo and adjust accordingly. The big perk of using a preset is that it can help your feed stand out and look more professional.

best camera settings for Instagram

As we wrap up these Instagram tips for beginners from a six-figure influencer’s perspective, remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is an Instagram empire. This journey takes time, dedication, and, most importantly, authenticity. Stay true to your passions, keep experimenting with content, engage with your audience, and never stop learning and evolving. The world of Instagram is a dynamic one, with trends constantly shifting, so adaptability is your secret weapon.

So, go ahead, apply these tips, and make your Instagram dreams a reality. Whether you aspire to influence, inspire, or simply share your unique perspective with the world, remember that your feed is your canvas, and your story is your masterpiece. With patience, perseverance, and a dash of creativity, you can carve your niche and unlock your potential. Here’s to your Instagram success!

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