5 Of The Best Serving Dishes For Entertaining

best serving dishes for entertaining

It’s no secret that hosting is one of my love languages! When it comes to hosting a gathering, whether it’s a cozy dinner with close friends or a lavish holiday party, there’s one thing that can make a world of difference: the serving dishes you choose. It’s not just about the food; it’s about the experience. The right serving dishes can transform an ordinary meal into an extraordinary event. So, if you’re looking to up your hostess game, I have rounded up the best serving dishes for entertaining that will make your guests go “wow!”

What Kind Of Serving Dish Would People Need?

The types of serving dishes people need depend on the occasion, the type of food being served, and personal preferences. I recommend starting with the basics, so you have a variety of entertaining serving dishes that can fit most occasions like everyday meals or casual gatherings. This includes versatile options like serving platters, elegant bowls, and trays.

entertaining serving dishes

Best Serving Dishes For Entertaining

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, then you’ll know that I think Walmart has the best serving dishes for entertaining. I even use their white serveware for all of my everyday dining. So, of course, they also have some of my favorite entertaining serving dishes!

Platters For Grand Presentations

Let’s start with the basics – platters. They are one of the most versatile dishes for serving food. Whether it’s a cheese platter with an array of gourmet cheeses, charcuterie, and fruit or a beautifully arranged display of appetizers, platters are your go-to choice for grand presentations. A well-chosen platter can instantly create a visual feast that sets the stage for your entire meal.

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Themed Serveware For Seasonal Fun

Why not make your entertaining endeavors even more fun by incorporating themed serveware? For holidays or special occasions, consider serveware that matches the theme. Pumpkin-shaped platters for Thanksgiving, or heart-shaped plates for Valentine’s Day, can add an extra layer of fun!

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Elegant Bowls For Serving

When it comes to serving salads, pasta, or side dishes, you need elegant serving bowls that not only do the job but look fabulous doing it. Opt for options with unique shapes, vibrant colors, or interesting textures. A beautifully presented dish in a stylish bowl can be a conversation starter and a feast for the eyes.

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Beautiful Bakeware That Makes A Statement

From crispy cookies and golden-brown bread to luscious cakes and savory casseroles, bakeware is one of the essential types of serving dishes. Because bakeware is often taken straight from the oven to the table, you’ll want a few pieces that make a statement.

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Tiered Stands That Delightfully Elevate

Desserts deserve their own special stage, and that’s where tiered stands come into play. A tiered dessert stand not only adds height to your dessert table but also creates a beautiful focal point as your guests graze your dishes.

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What Can I Use As A Serving Platter?

Serving platters don’t always have to be traditional, designated serveware. You can get creative and use various items you might already have at home to serve your dishes in style. Here are some alternative serving platter ideas:

  1. Cutting Boards: Wooden or marble cutting boards can make rustic and visually appealing serving platters for cheeses, charcuterie, or appetizers.
  2. Large Plates: Oversized dinner plates or charger plates can serve as makeshift platters for individual portions or small servings of food.
  3. Trays: Decorative trays, whether vintage or modern, are excellent for serving a selection of finger foods or desserts.
  4. Cake Stands: Cake stands aren’t just for cakes. They can also elevate appetizers, cupcakes, or even a selection of fruits.
  5. Mirrors: Place a clean and food-safe mirror under your dishes for an elegant and reflective presentation, especially for desserts!

How Can I Make My Platters Look Nice?

Creating an eye-catching platter is all about the art of balance and presentation. The key to making your platters look nice is to strike a harmonious chord between variety and aesthetics. Begin by selecting a central focal point – this could be a striking cheese wheel, a colorful dip, or an artful arrangement of sushi rolls. Then, build your composition around this centerpiece, artfully layering ingredients of various colors, textures, and shapes. Don’t overcrowd the platter; give each element room to breathe, allowing the eye to roam across the platter. To elevate the visual appeal, consider garnishes like fresh herbs and create height by adding smaller bowls for dip or vegetables.

decorative serving bowl

The right serveware can take your hostess skills to the next level and, in my experience, some of the best serving dishes for entertaining come from Walmart! They not only make your food look more appetizing but also enhance the overall dining experience for your guests. So, whether you’re serving a simple weeknight dinner or hosting a fancy soirée, with a few essential types of serving dishes, you’ll turn every meal into a memorable event, leaving your guests eager to be invited back. Cheers to entertaining in style!

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