My Favorite Dishes & Serveware From Walmart

It’s no secret that there are a ton of dishes and serveware options on the market, but there are limited options that are affordable while still being high-quality. If you’ve gone shopping for new dinnerware lately, you know how daunting it can be to find a great option for your home that are affordable! Enter: Walmart. 

affordable plates and serveware
the best white dishes and serveware

While Walmart has been around for what seems like forever they’ve really stepped it up over the last few years, not only clothing but also home items! They’re my new go-to when I’m refreshing areas of my home so when it came time to replace our dishes, I knew I’d be getting them at Walmart!

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The Best Dishes & Serveware from Walmart

Walmart carries a lot of different brands but after doing my research, we decided to go with the Better Homes & Gardens Porcelain Dishes and Serveware. It not only had great reviews about the quality and durability, but each piece is beautiful and you truly cannot beat the price!


When it comes to basically anything for our home, I always go the neutral route. It makes it easier to replace item and move pieces from room to room. I just love how clean and crisp neutral pieces look. Since we have an all-white kitchen, I knew I wanted to go the white plate and serveware route!

I love how clean and chic this Better Homes & Gardens set is from Walmart! The pasta bowls are also the perfect depth, which can be so hard to find.


When you have young children, it goes without saying that your dishes are going to get beat up. Little hands move around, knock things over, and accidentally drop something, your dishes are going to get cracked and will break. It’s normal!

When I was looking for new dishes, I wanted to make sure they were high-quality to help limit damage so I wasn’t constantly replacing them. I knew when I purchases these dishes and servewear that they were good quality based on reviews, but didn’t realize how amazing they really were! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve tapped the plates off the counter or faucet, or dropped it a little too hard on the counter, and there are no chips or cracks! I feel like this is very rare, especially with such affordable pieces!


Whether you’re just looking for dishes or just serveware (or both!), every piece in the Better Homes and Garden Porcelain Collection from Walmart is under $50! That means you can outfit your entire kitchen without going over budget.

Plus, if you do break any of the plates, bowls, etc., it’s easy and affordable to replace them!

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