Noggin Preschool Learning App Review

Now that Uriah is officially preschool age and will be attending kindergarten next year, we’ve been trying to provide learning opportunities as much as possible while continuing to keep him engaged. The perfect app for that? Noggin! Noggin is an interactive preschool learning app by Nick Jr. that allows him to play fun games with his favorite characters but in an educational way! 

Noggin Learning Review

Noggin Preschool Learning App Review

The Noggin Learning App

With the Noggin preschool learning app, there are three ways to learn! Uriah loves watching his favorite Nick Jr. shows (there are over 1,000 ad-free episodes!) like PAW Patrol and Blues Clues, playing games that help him build skills and nurture his creativity, and reading his books based on his favorite characters! Since using the app, he’s learned SO many new concepts from math skills to healthy habits and how to choose healthy foods. With phonics on the app, he’s also able to practice his words and learn to read on the go.

Review of Noggin Learning

Fun Learning Opportunities with Noggin

Noggin has SO many fun and interactive games! From coloring books to math and reading games, there’s truly an activity on the app for every child. I love that the games also help Uriah develop his fine and visual motor skills to drag, click, and drop items on the screen! He also learns how to listen and follow directions, which every mom can be happy about.

Uriah’s favorite games to play are within Big Hearts (social and emotional skills) and Mighty Minds (math and literacy skills).

The Noggin Learning Approach

Noggin was created by educators (the app is safe and ad-free!) to help kids build their foundational skills like learning how to be confident and empathetic, build their math, literacy, and problem-solving skills, and it even encourages kids to be healthier. As a mom, knowing that Uriah is playing games that help him grow as a person makes me so happy! 

Noggin App Review
Noggin Preschool Learning App Review

Noggin App Free Trial

Interested in Noggin for your child but not ready to commit? Noggin is currently offering 60-days FREE! After that, it’s just $7.99 per month, which gives your child access to all of the shows, games, and books. We love Noggin so much that I truly have no idea what we did before we started using it. Uriah loves it that much!

Thank you to Noggin for sponsoring this blog post! As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Life with NitraaB possible!

Please use the link for the 60 day free trial in the blog

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