9 Insanely Cheap Rental Friendly Upgrades From Amazon

rental friendly upgrades

It’s no secret that a love for home decor runs through my veins, but before we were homeowners it wasn’t as easy to express that love. We all know how exciting it is to turn your house or apartment into a place that feels like your very own sanctuary. But let’s face it, it’s hard to find rental friendly upgrades that are both stylish and affordable. As always, Amazon is here to save the day! With just a few clicks, you can turn your house into a home without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to boring interiors and get ready to infuse timeless style into your space with these affordable Amazon home finds. Get excited sis, because your sanctuary awaits!

How Do I Make My Rental Look Updated?

Throughout the years, I’ve found that one of the best ways to make your rental look updated is by focusing on the little details like fixtures, lighting, accents. Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “Sis, I’m renting. I can’t change the fixtures and lighting.” That true, but you can change their perception. For example, in homes we typically go with warm lighting for a cozy feel, but if your rental is a bit outdated it probably has that standard tile that has yellowed over time and it really darkens the space. Try switching to daylight lightbulbs. They pull more of the blue tones to neutralize that dingy look and is of the easiest rental friendly upgrades to make.

Rental Friendly Upgrades

Picture Light

An overhead picture light turns any piece of wall decor into an instant statement piece. The best part? No wiring required! Simply add batteries and hang.

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Wall Sconces

Along the same line as a picture light, you can also add sconces! Pro tip – if you’re not able to drill holes into your walls, consider using Command picture hanging strips where appropriate.

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Drawer Pulls

Sis, when I tell you this can make the biggest difference, especially if you have an open kitchen. You can easily unscrew the current handles or knobs and place these adhesive drawer pulls to cover the holes. Make sure you save the old hardware to replace when leaving!

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Outdoor Turf

This is for my friends that want to bring a backyard feel to their balcony! This outdoor turf is durable, waterproof, and safe for pets.

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No Drill Curtain Brackets

Curtains can make huge difference in the overall look and feel of your space, but they can be a pain to hang while renting. Check out this no drill brackets to spice up you space in a rental friendly way!

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Acrylic Shelves

These shelves are modern, sleek, and come with self adhesive for easy hanging. Pro tip – when hanging rental friendly products where you’ll be adding several things, like shelves, be sure to pay attention to the maximum capacity.

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Multi-Purpose Lights

These thin lights are self adhesive, dimmable, and sense motion. They work perfectly for underneath cabinets, lining stairs, drawers, and more!

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Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks have just about a million uses. Especially these since they have a maximum capacity of 16 pounds! Easily use them to hang towels, robes, keys, and more.

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Doorbell Mount

Safety first, friends! If you’re not able to hardwire a ring doorbell or other similar monitoring doorbells, this no drill case is perfect! It easily attaches to your door with tension and is safe from theft or tampering.

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What Colors Make A House Look Expensive?

In my experience, neutrals that lean a little to the warm side help make a home feel elevated. I talk about the paint colors we’ve used in each room of our house in this post. Now, if you’re renting, painting is pretty much out of the question. In that case, I would go with anchor pieces with a neutral tone so that they’re easy to move around when redecorating and add in your accent colors with details like throw pillows, rugs, florals, etc.

How To Make Your House Look Expensive

All of your questions about rental home upgrades answered –

How Can I Revamp My Apartment On A Budget?

There are a lot of boundaries when it comes to home upgrades you can make to an apartment, so I would look at switching up things like rugs or adding curtains to make the biggest visual difference on a budget.

How Do You Make An Old Rental House Look New?

It’s all in the fixtures! Outdated rental homes tend to have older styles and colors of fixtures, so check out a few self adhesive options I featured above to make an affordable change that has a big impact.

Can You Change Light Switches In A Rental?

While you can’t go around changing the wiring or anything, you can update the plates to something that makes a statement like these or just getting new plain ones to brighten up the rooms.

So there you have it, sis! Don’t let that rental stop you from turning your house into your sanctuary. And when I’m in doubt, use Pinterest (come follow along here!) to find even more Amazon home finds and rental friendly upgrades.

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