The Best Neutral Wall Colors

Whether you’re looking to give your home a refresh, are in the middle of a renovation, or are moving into a new space, selecting paint colors can be a fun albeit stressful process. Finding the perfect paint color that is exactly what you’re looking for can be hard but I’m here to make the process easier! Today, I’m sharing the best neutral wall colors for every room in your house, including my best tips for getting the perfect shade of white.

The Best Neutral Wall Colors

The Best Neutral Wall Colors

Sherwin Williams Incredible White

When we were painting the bedrooms in our current home, I knew I wanted to paint them all white. Yes, even the boys’ rooms! Finding the perfect white that wasn’t too stark or too warm took a while, but we finally landed on Sherwin Williams Incredible White. It does have some grey tones in it which help it come off as more of a true bright white. The other thing I love about this white is that it doesn’t look weird with other shades of white. Even when I incorporate different tones into our bedrooms, it still comes off as a true white!

sherwin williams incredible white paint
true white paint colors sherwin williams

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey

If you know me, you know I love a good white paint so this one might come as a surprise to you! To keep things neutral and achieve that clean look, without adding too much color, I wanted to incorporate some greys into our home and Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey is truly the best! It’s one of SW’s best-selling paint colors and truly plays off of whatever you have in a room. It has beige undertones that give it a subtle warmth without it being too overwhelming. We have this paint color on the walls in our office!

Sherwin Williams Repose Grey

Another great gry color! Sherwin Williams Repose Grey is one of SW’s top 50 paint colors and is tranquil and inviting. This is truly a great neutral for any space. We currently have repose grey in our living room, kitchen, play area, and basement. Clear I can’t get enough of it! You’ll see in the photos below how great it is in any space.

neutral paint colors interior
The Best Neutral Wall Colors
The Best Neutral Wall Colors
neutral paint colors sherwin williams
sherwin williams white paint colors

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White

Out of the white paint colors I’ve mentioned throughout this post, this one is by far the warmest in tone! It has a subtle violet undertone and while you would think it would be cooler, it is on the warm side. We have our laundry room painted aesthetic white and I love the calmness it brings to the space.

neutral laundry room paint colors

Finding the Perfect White Paint

White paint is a tricky thing. There are literally hundreds of different shades. To me, the perfect white is just white. Not yellowish, not bluish, not grayish, just white. It’s not too bright or too dingy.

It’s exhausting to try to figure it all out. So I quit trying – and here’s what I learned: Adding a shot of black to a basic white shade (I use Sherwin Williams Extra White) will help neutralize the color and take out any unwanted undertones. This is somewhat of a custom color but it’s what we use for our trimming, accent walls, dining room, and in our entertainment room in our basement!

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  1. Lisa Watson says:

    Thank you for sharing this post! I’ve even considering a refresh in my home (it really needs it!). I figured painting the walls would do it, but I wasn’t looking forward to finding the paint. I’m definitely going to pick one of the above colors for all my walls!

  2. Ann says:

    My hubby thinks me silly when I say I need the perfect white paint🤷🏻‍♀️ Love your shades of whites. 🫶🏻

  3. Holmes says:

    I just came to comment from the Instagram link. Thank you for these recommendations. I think I’ll be going with the Incredible white for my bedrooms and the Agreeable gray for my common areas. Those two colors seem to open up the space which I love.

  4. Karen says:

    Thank for share , I absolutely love the aesthetic in every single space in your house!
    This definitely helps a lot for our future home refresh! Thank you again. Blessings to your beautiful family 🤍