At-Home Date Night Ideas

In our pre-kids era, Colton and I were constantly going out on dates. I’m talking two to three nights a week, if not more, even once we were married. We both really prioritize spending time together and going out on dates is our way of spending that one-on-one time together, while also experiencing our favorite restaurants. Once we had kids, date nights definitely slowed down. I feel like we’re always exhausted but, spending time together is still a top priority for us and as one of the ways we are constantly working at our relationship, scheduling date nights is still important even if they look a little different. Now a days, we love planning at-home date nights. It’s a great way for us to still prioritize our relationship and spend time together, all while being at home and stayng on schedule with the kids.

At-Home Date Night Ideas

At-Home Date Night Ideas

There’s no better feeling than hunkering down at home for date night, especially when it’s cold and the weather is gross. Maybe it’s just me, but figuring out how the heck to break your every day routine and treating the time with your signifcant other as special as you would when you’re out, can be hard.

If this is something you struggle with, too, I’m here to help with our favorite at-home date night ideas!

Cook a New-To-You Meal Together

Like any couple, we have a lot of the same go-to recipes that we enjoy during the week. To switch things up on date night, Colton and I love cooking a new-to-us meal together once the boys going to sleep. Whether it’s something quick and easy, or something fancier like a nice cut of steak or seafood, spending time in the kitchen together that doesn’t feel rushed feels SO good. We’ll pour our favorite beverages, we’ll cook, we’ll laugh… it’s truly my favorite!

At-Home Date Night Ideas
fun date night ideas

If you’re looking for a new recipe to try on your next at-home date night, we love trying dishes from Allrecipes, Half Baked Harvest, and America’s Test Kitchen. Another fun way to cook on date night is with at-home meal kits. Blue Apron, Home Chef, and Hello Fresh are all great optoins!

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Get Crafty with Paint

Instead of doing the same ‘ol same ‘ol, give a more creative activity a try! We love Getting creative with at-home paint nights and there are so many great videos on YouTube to help you channel your inner creative. To stay prepared for a last-minute paint night, I always keep these canvas boards, this paint set, and these brushes at the house!

date night activities
painting date night ideas

Have a Movie Night

Raise your hand if you love a movie night as much as I do! This is our go-to at-home date night idea because let’s be honest: we are parents and are always exhausted. It’s also always so nice being able to watch an adult-themed movie sans interuptions from kids.

On movie nights, we love ordering take out, pouring a glass of wine (or beer!), and snuggling in! We’re currently working our way through the movies up for an Oscar Nomination, but there’s also some great films out on Netflix, HBO Max, and Apple TV+.

At-Home Date Night Ideas

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  1. Imani says:

    Love the cooking ideas!

  2. Tricia Robinson says:

    Love the sip and paint idea

  3. Taya Dixon says:

    Thank you for the great ideas. I love the paint & sip idea.

  4. Britt says:

    I love the paint and sip idea! We’ve been to revive date nights lately, but as you said, making time as busy, working parents is a whole task. I started grad school 6 months after having our 1st child, who’s almost 2 now, and I feel like there’s no time for anything. Paint and sip seems doable though! 🎨🥂