6 Of The Best Fake Flowers That Look Real

best fake flowers

Nothing adds a touch of natural elegance to a living space quite like flowers. However, keeping natural blooms fresh and vibrant can be a hassle. With that, I’ve invested a lot of time and money into finding the best fake flowers to brighten up your space. Whether you lack a green thumb or want to liven up your space without commitment, I have found the best fake flowers to be your alternative. From lifelike replicas to trendy arrangements, these floral designs will elevate any room’s aesthetics and bring a vibrancy that lasts beyond the seasons.

What Is The Best Material For Fake Flowers?

When it comes to finding the best faux floral arrangements for your home decor, it’s essential to consider the materials they’re made with. Don’t worry, sis. I’ve got you covered! Several different materials can make the best fake flowers that look real. Silk flowers are a classic choice, known for their soft and natural feel that closely resembles real flowers. If you’re looking for durability and vibrant colors that won’t fade, polyester flowers are your choice. And if you’re after a more modern and realistic touch, check out latex and foam flowers that add that extra wow factor to your arrangements.

best faux flowers

Best Fake Flowers

best faux floral arrangements

Cherry Blossom Spray

These cherry blossom stems are one of the things I get asked about the most in my home! They are from Afloral and are of fantastic quality. Afloral is a brand you can count on for the best faux floral arrangements that stand the test of time!

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best artificial flowers

Magnolia Leaf Potted Plant

Target really snapped with this design. This is part of the Threshold With Studio McGee collection and is one of my favorite affordable options.

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best faux trees

Olive Tree

An olive tree is one of the best faux trees you can add to your decor! They’re light, airy, and the perfect delicate touch of greenery. Try sprucing up your faux trees by placing them into a regular planter and spreading some faux moss around the base.

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luxury artificial plants

Orchid Floral Arrangement

This orchid faux floral arrangement is an investment, but we’ve had it for years and it has held up beautifully against the wrath of these crazy boys, haha!

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best fake flowers that look real

Eucalyptus Stems

These stems are one of my best Amazon home finds because they’re such a hidden gem! These faux stems are affordable and full. I styled them inside of this ceramic vase for depth.

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faux stems

Bay Leaf Branches

I love the way these bay leaf branches have added such a bright pop of color to our entryway. I styled them inside of this tall, textured vase and stacked on a few books for depth.

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Are Artificial Floral Arrangements Out Of Style?

I don’t think artificial floral arrangements will ever be out of style. What changes over time are the different sizes and color patterns. It’s also best to find a good quality (which doesn’t necessarily equate to expensive) faux floral arrangement that looks elevated.

best faux floral arrangements

Faux Flower Arrangements

All of your questions about the best fake flowers answered –

How Do You Make Cheap Fake Flowers Look Good?

One of my tips for making cheap fake flowers look good is cutting them to fit the vase you’ll be styling them in. Sometimes we shy away from cutting faux florals, but snip away to find the best look!

What Holds Fake Flowers In Place?

Styrofoam or floral foam are a great base to set your fake flowers in to keep them still in the position you styled them in.

All in all, it isn’t as hard as it may seem choose the perfect faux floral arrangements that suit your style and bring everlasting beauty to your space. So, let your creativity blossom and embrace the convenience and allure of faux florals

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  1. Latita says:

    Everyone’s arrangements seem to always look better than mine, but I am learning to fluff and fluff and keep fluffing 5 more times after I think I’m done. lol. I’m not familiar with Bay Leaf branches and want to check those out. Next for me, I’m going for the Magnolia Leaf plant, if available due to fall coming up. But I do plan to eventually check out the Cherry Blossoms you’re showing. Thank you for sharing the names and tips.