3 Effortless Coffee Table Styling Ideas To Elevate Your Home

coffee table styling

A coffee table is one of my most versatile pieces of furniture in your living space. It not only allows you to have an extra surface on movie nights or when hosting but there are also countless ways to style it to breathe life into your space. As the main centerpiece of your living space, the way you style your coffee table can change the overall look of the room. Luckily, styling your coffee table can be easy but it’s finding the balance between perfect and cluttered that can make it difficult.

If you’re looking for new ways to style your coffee table to elevate your home, I’ve got you covered!

Coffee Table Styling Ideas

acylic coffee table styling
coffee table styling ideas

If you want to keep things simple when it comes to styling your coffee table, all you’ll need is one to two coffee table books and a few decorative pieces. This Architectural Digest coffee table book and the Unseen coffee table book are two of my favorites to feature! With one book open with a magnifying glass and one closed with a glass jar and marble links, along with a tray and flowers for some visual height, you can add visual interest while not cluttering your coffee table.

coffee table decor

If you have a smaller coffee table or want to free up more space, height is your best friend when styling your coffee table. All you need is a vase and some flowers, a coffee table book (love this one!), and some decor items like these beads and this candle holder.

modern coffee table decor
modern coffee table styling

The great thing about styling your coffee table is that once you have a few items for the surface, you can mix and match and swap them out for the seasons. One of my favorite ways to style our coffee table is with two coffee table books stacked in the corner with a decor topper. In a tray, I love styling beads, candle holders, and these decorative balls in a bowl. This provides our coffee table with different textures and colors to elevate our living space.

How To Style A Coffee Table

Styling your coffee table can really help elevate your space. Today, I’m sharing my favorite tips to help you style your coffee table.

Tip 1: Balance

Strategically place items so that everything has balance. This helps creates a visually pleasing arrangement that draws the eye.

Tip 2: Layer Like a Pro

modern coffee table styling

Layering adds depth and dimension. Start with a stack of beautiful coffee table books, then add a decorative tray or a unique object on top. It instantly adds an elevated touch!

Looking for some new coffee table books? Here are some of my favorites!

Tip 3: Less is More

coffee table styling how to

Avoid overcrowding your coffee table with too many items. Embrace the mantra of “less is more” and opt for a curated selection of objects. This allows each item to shine and makes a stronger visual impact.

Tip 4: Practicality and Functionality

While aesthetics are important, remember to consider practicality and functionality. Leave space for drinks, snacks, or remote controls, ensuring that your coffee table remains a functional piece in your living room. (Add decorative boxes to hide remotes and coasters for drinks)

Tip 5: Greenery and Florals

acrylic coffee table

Bring life to your coffee table by incorporating greenery or floral arrangements. Place a small plant or a vase of flowers to add a pop of color or added height. Not only does it enhance aesthetics, but it also brings a sense of freshness and vibrancy.

Coffee Table Styling Tips And Tricks

All of your questions about coffee table styling answered –

How Do I Make My Coffee Table Look Nice?

The best way to make a coffee table look nice is by simply styling it. While the inner clean freak in me would love to keep our coffee table spotless, this makes it look bare and boring. By incorporating simple pieces like coffee table books, decorative objects, and greenery, you can instantly elevate your coffee table.

What Should Be Placed On A Coffee Table?

When it comes to styling your coffee table, the world is truly your oyster when deciding what to place on it. Some of my favorite items include:

  • Coffee table books
  • Beads
  • Bowls
  • Decorative balls
  • Jars

Some other small decorative objects you can place on your coffee table are figurines, magnifying glasses, coasters, and candles.

What Shape Of A Coffee Table Takes Up Less Space?

If you have a smaller living space, a round coffee table is your best bet! They don’t take up too much space since they tend to be smaller. They also look great with smaller couches that have a chaise lounge. 

What Can You Put In A Bowl On A Coffee Table?

I love using bowls to style my coffee table. They add height and are great for providing more storage for knick-knacks. In the bowl we have on our coffee table, I love displaying these decorative balls. They add visual interest and texture to the table! If you have smaller bowls, you can show off small trinkets or even souvenirs from trips, like matchboxes.

When styling your coffee table, take into consideration your personal style and interests. This is how you’ll create a space that you truly love to be in. Look for coffee table books that highlight your hobbies and interests, incorporate your favorite scents, and show off your favorite items and souvenirs. And when I’m in doubt, use Pinterest (come follow along here!) to find inspiration for your home! 

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