Coffee Table Books to Add to Your Collection

Coffee Table Books to Add to Your Collection

Coffee table books are one of my favorite ways to style the corners of our home that need a little something. Whether it’s on a table in our entryway, a coffee table, a side table, or a bookshelf, they’re such a fun way to add personality and style to a space in a way that makes a big impact. Since our home is filled with neutrals, coffee table books are a way that I incorporate color and texture into our decor, plus they give me something to flip through when I’m looking for inspiration. If you’re looking to update the decor in your home, today I’m sharing all of the coffee table books to add to your collection.

Coffee Table Books to Add to Your Collection


This is one of my favorite table books in our home! It is filled with unpublished Black history and each and every image is so empowering. I love keeping it open to the page about Aretha Franklin! It’s not only gorgeous, but it’s a great read, too.

Black Hollywood

In this groundbreaking reimagining of Hollywood’s most beloved films, visionary photographer Carell Augustus has created a “who’s who” of today’s Black entertainers in Black Hollywood and I couldn’t love it more. Along with these entertainers, Carell Augustus has recreated iconic cinematic scenes from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Forrest Gump, and Mission: Impossible, to name a few. I could truly flip through this one for hours.

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Inspired by Nature

In Inspired by Nature, Hans Blomquist shares the essential components of a well-loved home and how nature is at the heart of his decorating philosophy. As you flip through this coffee table book, you’ll instantly be transported to serene spaces filled with earthy color palettes, stunning materials, and an overall sense of contentment and comfort.

The Finer Things

The Finer Things shows a look into timeless furniture and design of the home and how to recognize quality to ensure our home is a space we feel comfortable in. All of the spaces throughout this coffee table book are gorgeous and some even have design features from the 60s and 70s, which really shows that if your furniture is well made and you lean into the high-quality design, it’ll stand the test of time.

Architectural Digest at 100

If you have a larger coffee table, you know the struggle of finding coffee table books that look well-styled size-wise. This AD 100 book is not only the perfect size but gives me so much home decor inspiration. From bold design and colors to neutral spaces, I wish I could just transport myself into some of these stunning spaces.

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Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury

If you’re a fan of the Louis Vuitton brand, this coffee table is a must! It not only is gorgeous on the outside and includes stunning images, it also highlights the dramatic rise of the brand and gives full access to the brand’s archives. The blurbs throughout are so informative and the photos are stunning.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is one of fashion’s greatest icons and has truly shaped Gucci and Yves Sant Laurent into the powerhouses they are today. The Tom Ford coffee table book not only showcases some stunning images of Ford’s designs, but it is also a complete catalog of his designs for the two brands from 1994 to 2004, in addition to his vision for the brand. YES! That includes architecture, store design, and advertising. It’s SO good and it looks amazing styled in any room.

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