1 Year of Blogging

1 Year of Blogging

Wow, I can hardly believe that my blog has officially turned one year old! When I first started this journey, I never expected to become so invested in it. But now, looking back on all the hard work and dedication that has gone into creating content that resonates with my audience, I feel a real sense of pride and accomplishment. I’m so grateful to my readers for their support and engagement throughout this past year. One of the things I love most about having a blog is the opportunity it provides me to connect with you all, even when I’m unable to film a YouTube video. I can still share my thoughts and ideas through my writing and provide value to my audience. Thank you for making this first year so memorable. Today I’m going to share some things I’ve learned over the past year.

1 Year of Blogging

One of the most important things I learned over the past year is that growing a blog takes time. While platforms like YouTube and Instagram can yield microwave results in terms of views and followers, building a successful blog requires a lot of patience, persistence, and consistent effort.

Blog Content Has a Longer Lifespan

A blog post can continue to attract new readers and generate traffic long after it’s been published, whereas a social media post on Instagram tends to have a much shorter lifespan. As a result, it may take longer to see the results of your blogging efforts, but the payoff can be greater in the long run.

what i've learn from blogging
1 year of blogging

The Importance of High-Quality Content

Another thing I have learned over the past year is the importance of creating high-quality content. This is true whether you’re blogging, vlogging, or creating content for any other platform. Providing your audience with valuable, informative, or entertaining content is key to building a loyal following and keeping readers engaged.

Here’s some equipment I recommend for creating high-quality content.

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Ensure Your Blog is User-Friendly

The aesthetics and setup of your blog play a crucial role in creating a positive user experience for your readers. If the layout of your blog is not functional or the design is unappealing, it can cause readers to quickly lose interest and disengage with your content. It’s important to make sure that your blog is visually appealing, with a clean and modern design that reflects your brand and personality. Additionally, the layout and navigation should be intuitive and easy to use, so that readers can quickly find the content they’re interested in. By investing in the aesthetics and setup of your blog, you can create a more engaging and enjoyable experience for your readers, which can help to build a loyal following and drive more traffic to your site.

Working with Brands on Sponsored Content

It can be harder to get sponsorships on a blog compared to YouTube and Instagram, it’s not impossible but it’s definitely harder in the beginning. I think this is because Blogs may not have the same level of visibility as YouTube and Instagram due to the nature of the platform. Blogs rely on search engine optimization (SEO) and organic traffic, which takes more time to build and requires more effort on the part of the blogger.

Also, I think the different audience demographics play a big part in this. The audience demographics on blogs may be different from those on YouTube and Instagram, which could impact the types of brands and sponsorships that are available to bloggers.

However, it’s important to note that there are many successful bloggers who have established long-term partnerships with brands and created a steady stream of income through sponsored content. It’s possible for bloggers to leverage their niche expertise, build a loyal audience, and create engaging partnerships that provide value to both the brand and the blogger, but it’s definitely a work in progress.

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