Kitchen Island Styling: 3 Easy Countertop Decor Ideas To Recreate

kitchen island styling

Just like the heart of your home, your kitchen island has the potential to be the heart of your cooking space too. It’s not just a place for chopping veggies or serving meals; it’s an opportunity to add a dash of personality and charm to your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for understated accents or a large and in-charge centerpiece that’ll make your heart sing every time you walk into the room, I’ve got some kitchen island styling ideas you’ll love. Let’s get creative and make your kitchen island the talk of the town (or at least the talk of your next dinner party)!

How Do I Style My Kitchen Island?

Just like any other area of home decor, there is no right or wrong way of approaching kitchen island styling. It all depends on your personal style preferences. I tend to lean towards more timeless anchor pieces when I’m shopping for kitchen island accessories because I can switch them out from room to room when I’m ready to change things up.

Kitchen Island Styling

My Tried And True Kitchen Styling Tips

how to decorate a kitchen island

Less Is More

I don’t know about y’all, but when I’m scrolling through Pinterest searching for ideas, in this case, ideas for how to decorate a kitchen island, my mind is swirling with ideas. It’s so easy to want to incorporate everything that you see, but remember, less is more. Your kitchen island can go from curated to cluttered very quickly, so keep it simple.

This cherry blossom spray has been one of the best home decor investments I’ve made because it’s clean and simple but also adds so much depth to any room I place it in. I like the lighter coloring because it doesn’t overwhelm the kitchen but compliments it, and the height of the arrangement adds so much depth to the room.

kitchen island styling ideas

Incorporate Different Heights And Textures

Think about it – kitchens are mostly flat surfaces, so there isn’t a lot of visual interest for the eye to hold on to. When you bring in different heights and textures, it helps to break things up. This scalloped bowl is one of my favorites!

Don’t let the thought of having to incorporate different heights scare you. You can easily elevate kitchen island accessories you already have by placing them on a stack of books or a cutting board, as I’ve shown above. I’m a big fan of using what you have, so get creative!

kitchen island centerpiece ideas

Bring The Outside In

Let’s be honest. Kitchens can be a little lifeless sometimes. Don’t be afraid to bring the outside in for a more jovial look! Of course, you can always do fresh flowers, but I prefer faux flowers for a more timeless accent. I actually rounded up some of the best fake flowers I have styled around my home in this post.

It doesn’t stop at florals, I added some lemons and limes to a bowl as well to really freshen up the look and depict the season. Placing smaller kitchen island decor pieces based on seasonality inside of bowls or on pedestals makes it easy to transition between seasons. For example, when fall rolls around, I can easily switch out fresh fruit for pinecones.

countertop decor ideas

How To Decorate A Kitchen Island

All of your questions about kitchen island styling answered –

How Do You Arrange Items On A Kitchen Island?

First, think about functionality. For example, you wouldn’t want to put a stack of books right next to a kitchen sink where they have the potential to get wet. After you think about that, you want to arrange them in an “effortless” way. Easier said than done, I know! It may take a couple of tries, but once you nail it, it makes the biggest difference!

What Do You Decorate A Kitchen Island With?

Kitchen island decor is very similar to what you would think of for shelf or coffee table decor – books, floral arrangements, trays, bowls, etc. Here are finds to get you started with some kitchen island centerpiece ideas –

With that, I hope you take some inspiration from this post and turn your kitchen island into the heart of your cooking space and leave your next dinner party guests speechless!

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    I’m so happy you suggested faux flowers, because I use real flowers in my kitchen. That’s an upkeep all by itself. So I am definitely going to be introducing some faux flowers to my kitchen this fall. I’m going to head over to hobby lobby and pick some up when it cools off later on today.