How I Keep Our Kitchen Organized

How I Keep Our Kitchen Organized

There are few things I love more than an organized kitchen. Between all of your typical kitchen items and everything we need for the kids, it’s easy for our cabinets to get messy but with the right organization, our day-to-day is so much easier. Hectic morning? I know when I take a water bottle out of the cabinet it’s not going to make a mess thanks to this water bottle organizer. Need a specific medicine? I can tell you what drawer it’s in and exactly where it is in that drawer. Getting organized does take some time but over the years, I’ve figured out what gadgets work for us. If you’re trying to get organized this year, here’s an overview of how I keep our kitchen organized to give you a headstart!

How I Keep Our Kitchen Organized

When it comes to keeping our kitchen organized, I have two rules:

  1. Everything must have a home. If it doesn’t, things will get cluttered and disorganized.
  2. Organization gadgets are a must. They not only keep smaller items organized but make it more convenient to find what you need.

Thankfully, Amazon has so many great organization solutions and with two-day shipping, it’s easy to prioritize organizing your kitchen. The glass front cabinets in our kitchen have also been the kick in the butt I needed to be even more organized since anyone can see into them.

simple kitchen oorganization hacks
5 kitchen organizatino hacks

Kitchen Organization Must Haves

When it comes to organizing your kitchen, finding items that work for your lifestyle is crucial. Just because you see someone using a particular item on Instagram doesn’t mean it’ll work for you! And always, always keep things as simple as possible. If it’s too intricate, it’ll add more time to your day and you will be less inclined to use it. Not sure where to get started? Here are some of my kitchen organization must haves!

Fluted Lazy Susan

Y’all this lazy susan has changed the game for us! It’s the perfect size for storing condiments that don’t have to be refrigerated, olive oil, syrup, and so much more without having to dig around in the cabinet.

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condiment organization

Water Bottle Organizer

If you haven’t started using a water bottle organizer yet, now is the time. This organizer has completely changed the game for us! There were so many days we would be in a rush and I’d grab a reusable water bottle from the cabinet and they would all fall out all over the place. The absolute last thing you need when you’re running behind!

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waterbottle organization
how to organize your water bottles

Drawer Organizer

It’s no secret that kids have a lot of stuff and when we went from one kid to two, we needed to find a better solution for both boys’ things. I ended up cleaning out one of our drawers and utilizing this drawer organizer for their flatware and bibs and it’s made things so much easier. It’s also nice as they get older because they know where their things are and can get them themselves.

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kids utensil organization

Organizer Set

This organizer set comes with so many pieces, making it easy to set up any drawer or shelf in a way that works for you. We currently use this 25-piece set in our kitchen for all of our medications. It’s so nice having it set up in a way that’s convenient and it’s right in our kitchen, making things even easier.

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medicine organization
drawer organization

Glass Spice Jars

Out of all of the organization solutions we have in our kitchen, this is by far my favorite. These glass spice jars are so aesthetically pleasing and make it so much easier to find what spices and seasonings I need while I’m cooking. It was also the most satisfying project I tackled in our kitchen.

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Clear Organizer

To further organize our spices, I use these organizers in our cabinets to put the glass jars in. This helps avoid hitting them over and keeps them nice and organized and easy to read.

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Bamboo Organizer Tray

These handled bamboo organizers are great for keeping baking items, canned goods, and so much more organized in your cabinets! To make things even easier, I put like items in each so that I can pull them down when I’m in the kitchen and have easy access to everything I need without having to go back and open the cabinet over and over again.

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how we organize our kitchen spices
modern spice organization
how to organize your kitchen cabinets

Tried & True Organization Tips

When it comes to organizing larger items such as cooking dishes, always opt for pieces that can nest in one another. This will keep your cabinets organized and will help free up space for other items like cutting boards, pots, and pans. Flatware organizers that have space for each of your utensils will also keep them organized and help pieces from going missing. I love our bamboo one, but there are so many different options out there made of all different materials to fit your needs and style.

pan organization
flatware organization
silverware organization

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