Daily Cleaning Tips

Daily Cleaning Tips

Keeping a clean home is something that is really important to me. Having all of the clutter put away each day and having a mess-free home brings me so much peace. With two little kids, keeping a clean home can take a little bit more time and effort, but I find it to be well worth it for my own sanity. Over the years, I’ve found the best way to keep the house clean is to do small tasks every day. This helps not only keep the house clean on a day-to-day basis but also makes my weekend deep cleans that much easier. If this is something you want to start incorporating into your daily routine, here are some of my daily cleaning tips!

Daily Cleaning Tips

Make the Bed

Making my bed each day was something I was told to do every day growing up and while at the time I found it to be very annoying, it’s something I still do every day even as an adult. It’s also something I’ve been teaching my kids! I truly believe that making your bed each morning sets a positive tone for the day and it encourages you to keep the rest of your space tidy.

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I vacuum high-traffic areas daily. This is necessary for us especially because we have a little one who is constantly in the floor and likes to put stuff in his mouth.

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Wash Dishes/Load Dishwasher

There is nothing I hate more than dishes sitting in the sink so after each meal, I try to wash the dishes or load them into the dishwasher. I do this even when things are hectic! This helps prevent a pileup of dishes and keeps the kitchen looking clean.

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daily cleaning tips

Toy Storage/Pick Up Toys

The one room in the house I feel like I’m constantly picking up is our playroom. If you’re a mom, you know the amount of time spent cleaning up toys could be better spent, but it is what it is! While I do a lot of toy pick-up on my own, I do make sure all of the boys’ toys have a specific home to make it easier for kids to put the toys away on their own.

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I believe a load a day keeps the piles away. I personally like doing a load of laundry a day to make the process less overwhelming and stressful. I’ll typically throw a load in once Uriah heads to school in the mornings but if things get too busy, I’ll save this task for the end of the day once the boys are in bed and will fold while watching TV. We also recently did a laundry room refresh and it makes me want to spend more time in there!

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By following these daily cleaning tips, you can maintain a clean and organized home without feeling overwhelmed.

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  1. Sherry says:

    I love a clean home also. It’s weird that some people (these folks on YouTube) think that you suppose to have a dirty home. Especially, with kids. You can keep a clean home, even with kids…it can be done. And no one is perfect.