Playroom Tour + Storage Solutions

As someone that loves a clean home and keeping things as organized as possible, I knew having a separate space for the boys to be messy, keep their toys in, and play with friends was absolutely necessary when we were looking for a new home. Fast forward through the home buying process, we are so lucky to have a home that not only has enough space for the boys to grow into, but a space to transform into a playroom. 

neutral playroom inspiration

When designing the playroom, I knew I wanted to make it into a multi-functional space and keep it neutral (are you surprised?) and I’m SO happy with how it came out.

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Playroom Tour

Our playroom is separated into three areas: an area to hang out, an area to do homework and crafts, and a storage area. 

neutral playroom

Hang Out Area

Even though the boys are still young, I wanted to create a space that could grow with them and a space that Colton and I could relax in so a hang-out area was a must. Since the room has ceramic tile floors and we have a crawler, I added a plush rug under our sectional couch to make the space a little cozier. We have a TV across the way so we can easily pop on a movie for the boys or whatever game is on while we’re playing. This space is also where we do all of our floor play!

neutral boys playroom
playroom inspiration
tips for keeping your playroom organized

Homework & Craft Area

To help with Uriah’s schedule and to keep things as clean as possible, we created a homework and crafts area with this cute table and chairs. If Uriah has homework or wants to play a game on the Noggin app, he does it all here. This table is also super easy to clean so we do all of our crafts on it.

playroom tour
neutral playroom inspiration

Storage Area

It’s no secret that kids have a lot of toys and personally, I don’t want them littering our house which is why I love having a playroom so much. But, I also don’t want our playroom to be a mess so storage solutions to hide all the toys is a must.

We have two storage areas in our playroom; one is next to our couch and the second is on the opposite wall under our TV. Having these separate spaces and not everything in one clustered area is so nice.

For decor, I opted for some simple pieces on top of the shelving unit next to our couch and just added two vases to the top of our TV console!

Playroom Tour + Storage Solutions
playroom organization
neutral boys playroom
playroom storage solutions and organization
playroom organization

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    I love with how organized you keep your home ! Everything is beautiful