Uriah’s Room Tour + Bathroom Renovation

We’ve been making a lot of changes in our home over the last few months and the most recent update we made was moving Uriah to a new bedroom. It’s larger, it has space for him to grow, and he loves it.

When we originally moved into our house, the house that is Uriah’s new room was used as a playroom and when we moved in, I transformed it into my makeup room and filming studio. When I got pregnant with Ezra, we decided to make some updates. The first one? Converting the big space (about 20×30) into a bedroom, bathroom, and closet for Uriah. We have finally completed the project, he’s moved in, and I am so excited to give you a look into Uriah’s bedroom today!

little boy room tour
neutral little boy bedroom

Little Boy Room Tour

Since Uriah’s new room is so large, we decided to divide the room up for each area he would need; a craft area, sleep area, hang-out area, and homework area. We really love the way it turned out and how much flexibility he has in his room! Keep reading see the full little boy room tour!

The Decor

I wanted to keep the decor in Uriah’s room pretty simple so it would grow with him. For this reason, we decided to keep the walls painted white and opt for simple furniture. To bring in color into the space (after all, it is a little boy’s room!), we opted for colorful toys and accents on his desk.

We added this name sign above his bed from Etsy to personalize his space and added this fun Welcome To My Crib sign, as well! Both are so cute and perfect for a boy’s room.

little boy room inspiration
boy bedroom tour
Little Boy Room Tour
Little Boy Room Tour
little boy bedroom inspiration

The Furniture

As I mentioned, we wanted to keep things in Uriah’s room pretty simple, including his furniture.

We got his bed frame from Walmart and it was a steal! I love that it can also be used as a guest bed in the future if he decides he wants to get something else as he grows. It’s also great quality so it’ll hold up with him jumping on his bed (trying to break this habit but it’s so cute!). His end tables are from Overstock and are the perfect size for his books and toys, and his dressers are old from Pier1 but have held up so well over the years! For extra storage, we added this bed bench to the bottom of his bed where we keep some of his toys.

For bedding, we opted for this bedding! It’s affordable and cozy and it comes in a few colors. I always stock up on it when it’s on sale because we love it so much and it makes it easy to swap out or have extra layers in the winter months.

In his study space, we added a fun egg chair which is the home to all of Uriah’s stuffed animals. To give him a space to do homework, we also added in a book-shelf style desk. I love that it has space for his books and toys and as he gets older, it’s big enough for a computer and studying materials.

We also added a craft area, which includes a small table and four chairs. Uriah loves sitting here to color, do crafts, and watch TV. It’s a fun little spot when his friends are over, too!

neutral bathroom
kid's bathroom
kids bathroom

Neutral Kid’s Bathroom

The biggest project of Uriah’s new room was renovating the bathroom! When figuring out all of the details, we decided to go with a blue shark theme, which we brought to life through the decor. For the actual materials, including the tile and wall color, we wanted to make sure it matched the other bathrooms in our home so we don’t have to do any major upgrades in the future when he grows out of the space!

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