An Easy Gift Basket for Teachers

It truly hasn’t hit me that Uriah will start school in less than two weeks. My mom heart is totally not ready! For the past two years, we did preschool at home with a private teacher and I loved it! He got one on one learning and was able to be in the comfort of our home. This year he will be going to public school and it will be his first time being away from us. I am excited for him to learn and meet new friends.

With this being his first year I wanted to do something nice for his teacher to let her know we appreciate all that she will do this year. So I decided to make a cute basket filled with things I thought would be helpful. I made similar baskets for our nurses whenever I was giving birth to Ezra and seeing the joy on the nurses’ faces when receiving the baskets was so amazing! I love being able to give back in any way I can.

Please keep in mind this gift basket for teachers are extra. If you don’t have the energy and/or the budget for teacher gifts that’s okay. It is important that this is more about sentiment than it is about spending.

An Easy Gift Basket for Teachers
gift basket for teachers
gifts for teachers

An Easy Gift Basket for Teachers

When putting together gift baskets, no matter who they’re for, I can’t recommend Bullseye’s Playground at Target, Amazon, and Walmart enough! So many good finds at an affordable price. For this gift basket, I put everything in this wire basket that’s under $10.

Classroom Books

Every teacher I’ve ever talked to always says they need books for their classroom reading corner, which I love! I ended up putting some of the books we’ve been reading about school with Uriah into the basket as our reading corner contribution and I love knowing that there will be some books at school that he’s familiar with.

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This goes without saying but teachers always need supplies for their classrooms! I kept it pretty basic and included pens, highlighters, Post-It notes, dry erase markers, and felt-tip pens. I also added in my favorite disinfecting mist, moisturizing lotion, hand sanitizer, mints, and gum.

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Gift Card

I am a sucker for gift cards so I stuck a few in the basket, including an Amazon gift card. I figured this would be great for Uriah’s teacher to buy anything from her Amazon wishlist that wasn’t purchased for her.

An Easy Gift Basket for Teachers

Coffee and Tumbler

With the craziness of the school day, especially on the first day, there isn’t a lot of time to go grab a coffee or something to drink. To help stay caffeinated on the first day, I added an iced coffee and tumbler to the basket!

Handwritten Letter

I also included a card to say hello, and to let her know that I am excited for this school year. I like to emphasize that Colton and I are happy to help out and to reach out if she ever needs volunteers for the classroom or for field trips.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    This is such a wonderful gift for teachers. Being a Teacher myself, we use all gifts that are given to us. We are so appreciative of thoughtful parents and students like yourself. These items gets us off to a great start for the school year!!

  2. Charity says:

    This is a great gift! You are always so thoughtful. This is so awesome to see how you are taking care of Uriah’s teacher. As a teacher myself, it is always a blessing to have supportive parents who truly appreciate their child’s teacher.🥰
    His teacher will be so happy to receive this gift. I pray Uriah has an awesome school year!

  3. Agapé says:

    You’ve got a big heart and a creative mind to go with it! Blessed to be a blessing 😉

  4. Tracey Sanford Emmanuel says:

    Great ideas! As a teacher, I’d love to receive a sweet basket full of great things I can use in my classroom. I am certain she appreciates y’all and I know it made her smile!

  5. Sharvon says:

    What are the names of the books you put in the basket? I want to buy them to read to my toddler. Thanks for your great content and ideas.

  6. guru4togel says:

    I enjoy your writing style really enjoying this site.