The Ultimate Back To School Checklist For Parents

back to school checklist for parents

Can you believe it’s almost time for the back to school hustle and bustle again? This season is both exciting and a tad nerve-wracking, but don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time parent of a school-goer, I’ve whipped up the ultimate back to school checklist for parents to make sure you’re all set with a back to school plan to get the year started off right.

How Do I Plan Back To School?

Planning for back to school shopping can be a task, especially if you send multiple kids off to school this year. I have found the earlier you start planning, the better! In the past, when I’ve waited a little longer to get my game plan together, it left me feeling flustered, and I wasn’t really able to enjoy the experience. So, start the process as early as you can to get prepared and make this season stress-free!

Back To School Checklist For Parents

back to school to do list
getting ready for school checklist

Add Important School Dates To Family Calendar

Last year I learned what an important step this was in my back to school plan! There are so many parent lunches, volunteer days, performances, etc., that come along with the school year, and although you get the school calendar with those dates, it can be easy to forget to add those days to our family calendar. As soon as you get your school’s calendar, add those important dates in!

Take Inventory Of Clothes That Still Fit

I don’t know about y’all, but my kids grow like weeds! Very rarely do we have anything that fits into the next school year, but I still go through and take inventory of everything. That also includes going through clothes that no longer fit and deciding if they need to be tossed, donated, or passed down.

Transition Kids To Earlier Bedtime

We try our best to keep the boys on a bedtime routine year-round, but summer comes with all kinds of fun vacations and last-minute plans, so that isn’t always the case. A few weeks before the first day of school, we start transitioning their bedtime to be a little earlier and make their routine a bit more regimented. This way, when the first day of school rolls around, they’re prepared. Although it’s just Uriah that’s in school, Ezra still participates in all of the routines and is on the same schedule.

These are just a few of the most important tasks we take care of leading up to the first day of school, but you can download the entire printable back to school checklist for parents below!

Back To School Checklist For Parents

All of your questions about how to prepare for back to school answered –

How Can I Make My Child’s Mornings Easier?

Adding a buffer into our morning routine has made the biggest difference for Uriah and me! I don’t feel rushed; therefore, I’m not rushing him, and we can both relax and take the morning at a slower pace.

How Do I Cope With My First Child Starting School?

I wrote a post all about these feelings when Uriah started kindergarten. I never thought I would be the mom that cried, but there were tears in my eyes as he bounced out of the car and into his first day of school. I’m here to tell you that all of the feelings are normal. You’ll feel approximately 76 different ones on that day, and that’s okay!

How Do I Reset My Child’s Sleep Schedule?

We have found that the easiest way to do this (for both the boys and our sanity, haha!) is to incrementally bring back bedtime by about fifteen minutes each night until you reach your desired bedtime.

And there you have it, the ultimate back to school checklist for parents! Take a deep breath, and remember that you’ve got this. You’ve done an amazing job getting everything in order, and now it’s time to watch your children flourish in this new school year.

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