Thoughts on Uriah Going Back to School

Starting kindergarten can be scary for kids, but believe it or not, it might be worse for parents. Your child(ren) has been safe at home with you since they were born and sending them off to school (or daycare!) where someone else is caring for them can be scary. What if they fall and scrape their knee? What if one of the other kids isn’t nice to them? There are so many unknowns.

While I know that Uriah starting school was going to happen whether I was ready or not, and I know that he’s going to learn so much and make new friends, but it’s scary to let go of control! With Uriah starting kindergarten this past month, I wanted to chat more about my feelings going into his first day and share how we prepared.

Thoughts on Uriah Going Back to School
Thoughts on Uriah Going Back to School

Thoughts on Uriah Going Back to School

Uriah turned five this past spring and with that, comes kindergarten. I knew he would be starting kindergarten this fall, but the weeks leading up to Uriah’s first day of school and the act of him actually leaving was nothing short of terrifying. I know that might seem dramatic, but as a work-at-home mom, he’s been here in the comfort of our home day in and day out for the last five years. And I was about to send him out into the world… alone.

Preparing for the First Day of School

Over the last few months, I was determined to prepare Uriah as best as I could to go to school. We made sure he knew how to take care of his own needs when he entered school, including going to the bathroom, dressing, washing his hands properly, opening snacks, and so much more. After all, the best way to get them ready for these expectations is to practice, practice, practice!

Even though we had done all of this preparation for the big day, I was still a mess when that day actually came

I’m sure Colton thought I had lost my mind when he saw me in tears and for a moment, I’ll admit, I thought I had been a little cray-cray. Thankfully, speaking with some of you on Instagram reassured me that I wasn’t alone in my aguish.

Now that we’re into a routine with school, he loves it so much and is making so many friends. I love seeing how excited he is to go to school each day, which makes it a lot easier for my mom heart!

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  1. Judelyne Bataille says:

    I love this routine are so important specially at a young age

  2. Kyesha says:

    This is so me!! King is in virtual kindergarten. When he goes to private school next year I’m going to ball my eyes out. I cried at the fact of him being in virtual school🤣🤣. I am NOT READY EITHER SIS!!

  3. Racheal Martinez says:

    He’s so beautiful. To think, he’s JUST getting started. I know that you already know, pray for and over your family every day.

  4. Phyllis Spears says:

    I truly understand how you feel Nitraa B. I am grandmother raising my grandson, My son died in February and let me with his son being as the mom is not in his life. This year he started Kindergarten and that’s very scary especially with so much going on in school today. I pray for my Jason and your Uriah and all the children in school, that they have a safe, fun, happy school year and learn as much as their minds will allow. God bless you and your family.♥️♥️♥️☝🏽