9 Must-Do Fall Activities For Families To Enjoy In 2023

A chill is in the air, all things pumpkin spice are tantalizing our taste buds, and I’m pulling out my favorite pairs of boots. That’s right, Fall is here! It’s that wonderful time of year when nature paints the leaves in warm colors and the smell of cinnamon and apples fill the air. As a family, we look forward to this season, anticipating the adventures and cozy moments it brings. In this blog post, I’m excited to share my go-to list of fall activities for families to help make the most of this beautiful season too. From outdoor escapades to indoor creativity, let’s dive into the best of what Fall has to offer for family fun.

How Do You Really Enjoy Fall?

To really soak in the goodness of Fall, it’s about diving headfirst into all the delights it always offers. However, it can be overwhelming to make the most out of the season when the responsibilities of the holidays are quickly approaching. I’ve found that planning a fall activities list ahead of time allows us to make the most of the season. It’s about carving out dedicated family time amidst our busy schedules to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

One of the secrets to enjoying Fall is to fully embrace nature. Whether it’s a simple hike through the crimson-kissed trails or a day of apple picking at a nearby orchard, fall outdoor activities for families allow us to connect with the essence of the season. And when we return home, we can extend that connection with snug indoor activities. From crafting autumn-themed decorations to whipping up hearty chili, Fall invites us to appreciate the simple joys of home and family. So, grab your scarves and be sure to check a few of these fun Fall activities off your list!

Fall Activities For Families

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Attend A Fall Festival, Fair, Or Carnival

One of my absolute favorite fall activities for kids is attending a vibrant Fall Festival, Fair, or Carnival. The excitement that fills the air at these events is contagious! From the cheerful laughter to the delicious scent of caramel apples and cotton candy, it’s an experience that ignites pure joy in the little ones (and let’s admit, us adults too). The array of games, rides, and colorful decorations make it a perfect outing for the family. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the kids to immerse themselves in the lively spirit of the season. The challenge of carnival games and the sheer delight of indulging in sweet treats—these moments create lasting memories, making each fall festival a highlight of the season.

Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Visiting a pumpkin patch is like stepping into a fall wonderland, where the joy of selecting the perfect pumpkin turns into fun for the whole family. The excitement in your children’s eyes as they wander through rows of pumpkins, carefully examining each one, is truly heartwarming. It’s a delightful treasure hunt, searching for that one pumpkin that speaks to them—the pumpkin they can’t wait to take home. They carefully carry their treasures, imagining the wonderful creations they’ll make with them back at home. The delight they show is a reminder that the simple joys of the season are often the most magical.

Cozy Up Inside With A Fall Movie And Chili

Get ready to create lasting family memories inside the comfort of your home. A perfect idea is to gather everyone for a heartwarming fall movie and a yummy bowl of chili. This indoor fall activity has been a cherished tradition in our family. It starts with the mouth-watering smell of simmering spices filling the air as you prepare my white chicken chili recipe, a comforting staple during this season. Once the movie starts, snuggle up in everyone’s favorite spot in the living room, blankets in tow, and enjoy the togetherness. And of course, movie night is not complete if you don’t have a big bowl of everyone’s favorite crunchy treat…popcorn! Make your own tasty blend with this popcorn maker, creating a true movie-lover’s delight. The flickering screen, shared laughter, home-cooked chili, and a handful of popcorn make for a wonderful fall evening. It’s a simple yet wonderful way to bring the family together and create beautiful memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Take Fall Family Photos

Fall activities at home also include family photos, a wonderful way to capture the beauty of this season with your loved ones. As the leaves change colors and the air gets that lovely, cool crispness, it’s the perfect backdrop for creating some memorable shots. Gather the family, find a comfy spot with good lighting, and let the smiles and laughter flow. Whether you’re using a fancy camera or just your smartphone, the magic is in the genuine moments you capture—the joy of being together during this enchanting time of year. Frame these photos, and they’ll serve as timeless reminders of this beautiful season and the happiness you shared as a family.

If you’re not sure how to make your family look its best, here are some of my tips for capturing amazing family photos.

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Bake A Fall Treat Together

Baking fall treats together is a cherished family activity that never fails to bring joy. The aroma of cinnamon and pumpkin spice filling the air as you whip up a delicious autumn dessert brings the little ones running into the kitchen. Gather together, put on your aprons, and let the creativity flow as you bake something that will make your taste buds happy. Whether it’s pumpkin pie, apple crisp, or spiced cookies, the process of mixing ingredients, the anticipation as it bakes, and the sheer delight of tasting your homemade creation is pure magic. It’s not just about the treats; it’s about creating memories, sharing laughs, and savoring the love that goes into each bite.

Get Lost In A Corn Maze

There’s another magical adventure that only happens in the fall—getting lost in a corn maze! Imagine a huge puzzle made of tall cornstalks, creating a winding path that’s both thrilling and mysterious. You’ll find yourself making choices at every turn, deciding which way to go, and maybe taking a few wrong turns. But that’s all part of the fun! It’s not a race to find the exit; it’s a journey filled with laughter, surprises, and family togetherness. When you hit a dead-end, there’s a chorus of laughter. When you find the right path, there’s a cheer of victory. And when you finally make it out, there’s a celebration of success. It’s an a-maze-ing adventure that will leave you with stories to share and smiles to cherish, making your fall season truly memorable!

Spend The Afternoon Carving Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is an awesome way to spend a fall afternoon with your family. Grab a big, orange pumpkin—one for each person—and set up a creative zone outdoors, preferably with newspapers or a plastic tablecloth to contain the mess. First, you’ll cut off the top and scoop out the gooey insides. It’s a bit messy, but that’s the fun part! Then, using big spoons and tiny saws, you can start carving out a spooky face, a silly grin, or some other fun design. Everyone can make their own unique creation! Pop a candle inside when you’re done, and dim the lights to see your pumpkins glow. It’s a pumpkin party, and it’ll make your home look and feel super festive for fall! If you want to make the effort easier, here’s a great pumpkin carving kit to get your family started!

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Head Outside To Roast Smore’s

Heading outside to roast s’mores is a must-do for a perfect fall day with your family. Grab a bag of marshmallows, some chocolate bars, graham crackers, and find a cozy spot in your backyard. If you have a firepit, that’s awesome! If not, no worries—a simple grill or a portable fire pit will work great too. Light up the fire, grab a long stick, and let the marshmallow roasting begin! It’s a fun game to see who can get their marshmallow perfectly golden brown. Once you have your toasted marshmallow, sandwich it between graham crackers with a piece of chocolate. Squish it together and take a deliciously gooey bite. Check out this indoor/outdoor firepit bowl that will make roasting s’mores in your backyard a delightful experience for the whole family!

Rent A Cabin For A Fall Getaway

Renting a cozy cabin for a fall getaway is like stepping into a fairy tale. Imagine a snug wooden house surrounded by colorful trees, their leaves painting the landscape in hues of orange and red. You and your family can snuggle up by the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa, and sharing stories. The crisp fall air is invigorating, and the sight of nature at its finest is simply breathtaking. It’s a chance to escape the city buzz and embrace the calm and beauty of the season. Whether you’re hiking, collecting leaves, or just enjoying the peace, a cabin getaway is a fantastic way to make this fall a magical one for your family.

How Can We Celebrate Fall At Home?

If you want to really celebrate Fall at home, start by giving your home a warm, autumn makeover. Put up some fall decorations—pumpkins, leaves, and maybe a scarecrow or two—to bring that cozy outdoor feel inside. Light some fall-scented candles; the nostalgic aromas of apple cider, pumpkin spice, and cinnamon will not only make your home smell amazing but also transport you back to childhood memories and the joys of the season.

Another way to celebrate is to plan some family get-togethers or invite friends over for a fall-themed gathering. Arrange a mini pumpkin painting session with the kids, letting their creativity run wild as they decorate their pumpkins. You can also host a cozy game night featuring classic board games, warming beverages, and lots of laughter. If you have a backyard, consider having a little fall picnic, complete with warm soup, crusty bread, and a beautiful backdrop of fall foliage.

What Are Some Fall Arts And Crafts Ideas For Kids

Fall is an awesome time for arts and crafts with your kids! You can start by collecting colorful leaves from outside. Then, you can turn those leaves into cool artwork. How about making leaf animals or creating a beautiful leaf collage? Another fun idea is to make your own scarecrow using old clothes and some hay. It’ll be a funny, friendly face to add to your fall decor. For a twist, you can also create a fall-themed scrapbook. Print out family pictures, add drawings, and write down your favorite fall memories. Crafting in the fall is like bringing nature’s colors and creativity into your home.

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As the leaves drop and the air turns crisp, Fall paints the world in vibrant colors. It’s a season that draws families together to share laughter and make lasting memories. Whether you’re carving pumpkins, cozying up indoors, or venturing into the great outdoors, Fall offers a bundle of activities for all. Embrace the season, enjoy its beauty, and let the magic of fall unfold in your family’s heart.

It’s time to celebrate the season of change, gratitude, and togetherness. Whether you’re sipping cider by the fire, exploring the outdoors, or getting crafty with the little ones, make this fall a time of warmth and joy. Let the memories you create during this beautiful time fill your homes with love and happiness. Here’s to making this fall the best one yet!

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