Creating And Embracing A Cozy Autumn Living Room

autumn living room

As the leaves turn vibrant shades of red and gold and the air takes on that unmistakable crispness (or at least we pretend that it does because Alabama temperatures move at their own speed), there’s no denying that fall has officially arrived. And you know what that means – it’s time to cozy up your home for the season with autumn living room decor! Whether you’re a seasoned interior design pro or just looking for some simple ways to infuse the spirit of autumn into your living space, you’ve come to the right place.

What Month Do You Start Decorating For Fall?

Like most areas of interior design, when you start decorating for fall comes down to preference! If you’re like me and you eagerly anticipate the changing of the seasons, you may opt for decorating a little bit earlier. I tend to bust out my fall living room decor somewhere around late August or early September. A general rule of thumb is to start transitioning to fall decor between August and October, but again, it’s all up to your personal preference!

Autumn Living Room

It’s no secret that I love faux floral arrangements and stems, and that sentiment doesn’t change when it comes to fall living room decor. I found these beautiful faux golden oak branches to incorporate into our entryway. I like to keep our home decorated in neutral shades because it’s so easy to add accents as the seasons change. For fall, we deepen up shades of tan, brown, and yellow.

autumn living room ideas
fall living room decor

I brought those same deeper warm tomes into the living room with these faux autumn oak branches. These are really what helped tie everything together. Plus, they really make a statement! The classic “less is more” rule still applies when it comes to home decor, so I love incorporating big statement pieces and smaller accents.

cozy fall living room

I am going to put y’all on to one of my best-kept cozy fall living room secrets. Well…technically, it isn’t a secret, but it’s definitely overlooked, and that’s purchasing pillow covers on Etsy! I have found some of the most unique and high-quality pillows over there year after year. Adding different textures helps add layers of visual interest to a room, especially if you’re decorating with a lot of similar tones.

indoor fall decorating ideas
chic fall decor

Don’t overthink shelf decor! I know I know… easier said than done, but hear me out. It’s super easy to swap out floral arrangements for more seasonal ones or add a pumpkin where there used to be a candle. You don’t have to dismantle all of the hard work that you did to arrange your shelves; simply make a few seasonal swaps!

fall decorating ideas for living room
fall living room ideas

How Can I Make My House Cozy In The Fall?

The best way to make your house feel cozy in the fall is by setting the ambiance. This could be by lighting a few seasonal candles or, my personal favorite, warming a simmer pot. This fall stovetop potpourri recipe is one of my favorites, and I make it every season! The smell stays lingering for hours, plus it’s a more natural alternative to other candles or oils.

Do You Mix Fall And Halloween Decor?

You absolutely can! Now, if you’re Halloween obsessed like I am with fall, you may want to decorate for Halloween first and then switch to fall decor afterward. If you just do light touches of Halloween decor, you can easily switch out a few pumpkins for spiders and bats and replace your throw pillows for a few weeks.

fall decor

What Colors Compliment Autumn?

Colors that compliment autumn tend to lean more towards more deep and jewel tones. Think of colors like brown, yellow, burgundy, teal, etc. When I decorate, we lean heavier into the deep tones of brown and yellow because they complement our current decor the best.

I hope you’re feeling inspired with ideas for your autumn living room decor and are ready to embrace the beauty of the season within your own four walls. Whether you’re infusing your space with the warm hues of autumn, experimenting with textures, or accenting your space with faux florals, remember that the heart of it all is creating a cozy space that truly feels like home.

Love this post? Here is a fall stovetop potpourri recipe!

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