10 Baby Products We Use Daily

baby products
baby products
baby products

It’s no secret that babies need a lot of stuff but that doesn’t mean they need EVERYTHING. When I was a first-time mom, I was so overwhelmed with the products I need to register for and buy and in the end, I only used a small fraction of them. 

Remember, parenting is all about trial and error!

Now as a mom of two, I finally feel like I have my footing when it comes to baby products. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the products out there, don’t fret! Today, I’m sharing 10 baby products we use daily (and love!).

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Baby Products We Use Daily

FridaBaby NoseFrida

FridaBaby has the best baby products, but this one is definitely one of our favorites! Doctor-invented, this nasal aspirator actually works. The filters can be switched out so it’s very hygienic and it creates a seal on the outside of the nostril for gentle snot removal. 

Phillips Glass Bottle

Figuring out what bottles work best for baby is so overwhelming! If you’ve been trying to find a good bottle, give these ones a try! The nipple is wider than a traditional bottle to help promote a natural latch. Love that these are also heat and thermal shock resistant so you don’t have to worry about them going from hot to cold. 

Play Mat

Another fun toy! This play mat rotates through our home, but we usually keep it in our living space. This play mat has a bunch of lights, squeakers, and rattles for developmental activities and the oversized mat is super cushiony and comfy. The cloud-shaped pillow is also great for tummy time!

Rolling Cart

Having a rolling cart that is stocked up with all changing needs has been a game-changer! We keep this one in the living room so I don’t have to go up to Ezra’s room every time he needs to be changed. Once he gets older, we’ll be able to use it to organize toys and books, too!

Activity Jumper

The cutest activity jumper, ever! We use this constantly. It grows with baby in three stages and has a 360-degree rotating seat for stretching and bouncing. There’s also a fun piano by baby’s feet to help with sensory play and connect cause and effect. The toys can also be rearranged for customized play!

Baby Aquaphor

We are a big Aquaphor family so it’s no surprise this is one of our top baby products! Perfect for soothing dry, chapped, and cracked skin, we also use it for diaper rash relief. 


If you haven’t gotten a DockATot yet, here’s your sign!! Not only is it cozy for nap time, but the DockATot is perfect for playing, diaper changes, and tummy time. The edging also helps keep baby contained. We use this around the house and when we’re traveling!


Whether you’re a new mom or have been around the block before (like me!), you’ll never stop worrying about your kids. I love that the Owlet has an app so I can closely monitor sleep trends and quality (including baby’s heart rate and oxygen). Not to mention, I don’t have to get up out of bed every time I wake up to make sure Ezra is breathing! 

Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

The cutest seat ever! We love how sturdy and comfortable this seat is when we’re playing on the floor. The toy tray also has a variety of textures, colors, and fun toys to help keep baby engaged and help with sensory play.

Doona Car Seat/Stroller

Whether you’re traveling, live in a city and have minimal space, or just don’t want the fuss of a big car seat and stroller, the Doona is the best! We love that it converts from a seat to a stroller without any separate items. The car seat is suitable for babies 4 pounds to 35 pounds and there’s an infant insert cushion to provide a near-flat position for baby. 

This convertible car seat and stroller folds up so easily, too, and is FAA approved for travel!

What baby products do you use every day?

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  1. Heather P says:

    Thank you so much for Sharing your 10 favorite baby products you use daily. This is so informative and helpful for any mama to be.

  2. Vida says:

    Very helpful list on here.You cannot go wrong with any of the items on the list. Thanks for sharing.😊

  3. Angelanne Gavina says:

    Ezra is the cutest!

  4. C P says:

    Do you the original nose frida better than the electric nose frida?

  5. jasmine says:

    Such great tips! Adding a few to my cart now. Thanks girl!

  6. Beauty Folsé says:

    After I seen you use Baby Dove on Uriah I went to Target and picked some up. My daughter loves it!