Tips For Making Holiday Decorating Easier

The holidays are right around the corner which only means one thing: decorating. There’s nothing I love more than decorating for the holidays, it instantly makes our home feel so much cozier. Anyone else? Before having kids, we used to wing our decorating and would do it whenever we felt like it but now that we have two kids, I’ve learned a few tricks for ensuring the decorating process goes smoothly.

Tips For Making Holiday Decorating Easier
Tips For Making Holiday Decorating Easier
holiday decorating tips for the family

Tips for Making Holiday Decorating Easier

Plan Ahead

My number one tip for making holiday decorating easier is to plan ahead. Especially if you have kids. Not only do you get to enjoy it longer, but if you plan a designated day for decorating ahead of time, everyone knows what to expect. If you have kids, I also recommend making the day a little more special to help avoid any meltdowns. I’m talking Christmas music, breaks for holiday activities (hellllooo gingerbread decorating!), and asking their input on where to put things.

Always Decorate Outside First

This is something I learned over time, but after one too many days of decorating when it was cold or the weather wasn’t the best, I now always make outdoor decorating my first priority. If there’s nice weather in the forecast, use it as your chance to put up wreaths, put lights on bushes and trees, and take any other decorations out of your shed.

If you’re not doing wreaths on windows, I love this wreath for a front door!

exterior holiday decorations
holiday decorating

You Don’t Have to Do it All in One Day

I used to always set aside a full day to do all of my decorating and let me tell you, it’s exhausting. To enjoy the process a little more, try splitting up your decorating into multiple days. Tackle outside first, then start moving through your home. If you do a real tree, do this last!

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Dim the Lights

This won’t necessarily work if you’re trying to tackle your decorating during the day, but if you’re holding off until the evening, dim the lights while you decorate! It makes everything cozier and a little more special. Trust me.

Involve the Entire Family

I always love decorating with the kids because it’s an opportunity for us to make family memories. Even if Uriah or Ezra throws a tantrum or starts to cry/fight over something silly, it still makes the process extra special. Don’t forget to turn on the Christmas music to dance to, too!

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  1. Velicia Williams says:

    Nitra, you and Colton have grown together beautifully over the years. And Uriah & Ezra are such handsome little guys, you guys are a blessing to watch. Your holiday vlogs/videos bring so much joy to your subscribers to watch and enjoy. Thank you for sharing. Girl when will we see your House to Home book, we need that. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Peace and blessings always.