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casual summer outfit ideas

Everyone has their own go-to pieces to wear during the hot summer months. For the most part, I love a good dress. They’re easy, they keep you cool, and they always look put together. But as a denim lover and someone who keeps things casual day-to-day, I am such a sucker for a good pair of denim shorts. There are endless ways to style them depending on what you have planned for the day. From a blouse and heels to a cotton t-shirt and sneakers and everything in between, you truly can’t go wrong with a great pair of denim sneakers. They’re just so easy to style up or down!

How Do You Dress Stylishly In Summer?

We all know how hot it can get in the summer months. I don’t have to tell you twice! On those hot summer days, it can be easy to feel uninspired when it comes to getting ready for the day. By incorporating the right pieces into your wardrobe it’s easier to dress stylishly in the summer, especially on those hot summer days.

For me, dressing stylishly in the summer means finding ways to elevate simple pieces that are already in my wardrobe. These shorts from Abercrombie are one of those pieces that I love finding new ways to wear. They’re easy, they’re comfortable, and the fit is so good. While it’s easy to simply pair them with a t-shirt and sneakers, you can easily look a little more stylish with a few swaps.

Swap Out Your T-Shirt

One of the easiest ways to style denim shorts is with a cotton t-shirt but it definitely is a more casual outfit. To give your denim shorts a more elevated, dressier feel, swap out your t-shirt with a blouse. Whether it has long sleeves, short sleeves, or is sleeveless (like this one!), your outfit will instantly look and feel more stylish.

Opt for Dressier Accessories

Denim shorts are a simple summer staple but by wearing a dressier shoe with them, like these heeled sandals, your outfit instantly looks more elevated. They’re a new favorite in my wardrobe because they’re simple but give any outfit a more stylish feel. I also love incorporating a fun bag instead of grabbing my go-to tote bag. Even though I love a tote, a fun bag adds a dressier feel. A fun earring is always an easy way to elevate an outfit.

simple summer outfit
cute casual summer outfit
summer outfit ideas

What Clothes Are In Style This Summer?

While the spring and fall seasons are notorious for their fashion trends, that doesn’t mean that the summer and winter seasons don’t have equally good fashion. Some of my favorite summer pieces are ones that are timeless and by pairing them with trendier items like this bag or these sandals, you’ll have a well-balanced stylish outfit.

Pieces to Incorporate into Your Wardrobe This Summer:

Even though all of these pieces are in style this summer doesn’t mean you have to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Finding pieces that mesh well with your personal style will make you way more excited to get dressed each day. You’ll also feel so much more comfortable if the pieces feel like you. I’m all for pushing myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion but that doesn’t mean I have to feel uncomfortable! At the end of the day, your clothes should fit you and your lifestyle, not the other way around.

How Do I Look Effortlessly Casual?

Whether you’re watching TV, scrolling through Instagram, or finding inspiration on Pinterest, the concept of looking effortlessly casual and cool is not a new concept. Wearing neutrals and having perfectly messy hair will always work but it’s also important to put your own twist on it. If you’re looking to give you casual style an upgrade, consider these tips!

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

There is something so effortless about neutrals. Maybe it’s because they’re easy to mix and match, maybe it’s because it gives quiet luxury vibes. Either way, neutrals aren’t the only way to look effortlessly cool and casual. Instead, play with different colors and shades to pull together an outfit the draws the eye in.

Play with Proportions

Playing with proportions is always one of my favorite ways to keep my outfits fun and fresh. Whether it’s a flowy top with fitted bottoms or loose-fitting pants with a tight top, playing with proportions is a fun and interesting way to breathe life into your outfits.

Make Your Shoes the Cherry on Top

Even if you are opting for neutrals, your shoes are an easy way to pull your entire look together. By opting for a pair of shoes that are a different color or texture from your clothes, you can add a pop that’s interesting and gives you those cool girl vibes.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Simple Top

I love a fun top as much as the next girl but a simple top is just so good. They’re classic and so easy to style with different pieces to give them a more interesting vibe. This one is simple and affordable but gives any outfit a luxurious, cool girl feel.

At the end of the day, your style is your style. Incorporating trendier pieces into your wardrobe will always be a fun way to elevate the timeless pieces that you’ve had for years. If you’re hesitant to try out new-to-you trends and styles, I can’t recommend shopping at SHEIN, Target, and Abercrombie enough! Each store has affordable but great quality pieces and if you absolutely love them, you can invest in higher-quality versions of those items that you can have for years.

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