Dior Book Tote Review

Dior Book Tote Review

Launching as part of Dior’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection, the Dior Book Tote has a simple silhouette and aesthetic but more than 37 hours of work go into designing the bag. This attention to detail encompasses everything that Dior stands for and is one of the reasons I love the brand so much.

I immediately knew that the Dior Book Tote would be my next bag purchase immediately after it was released. It’s functional, it’s iconic, and it’s the perfect bag for travel and daily use. These are all things I look for in a bag, especially when it’s designer. Since the original release of the bag, Dior has released several new designs as well as different sizes, to fit everyone’s needs. I’ve now had my Dior Book Tote for a few years and thought it would be fun to share an honest review of the bag to help you decide whether or not it’s a bag that would fit your lifestyle!

Dior Book Tote Review

The Dior Book Tote was introduced by Maria Grazi Chiuri and was taken from a drawing by French designer, Marc Bohan, from 1967. The drawing had been sitting in Dior’s archives since then and has finally been brought to life and the craftsmanship is absolutely amazing. 


The Dior Book Tote currently comes in four different size options.

  • Mini: 22,5 x 15 x 6 cm
  • Small:  26,5 x 21 x 14 cm
  • Medium: 36 x 27.5 x 16,5 cm
  • Large: 42 x 35 x 18,5 cm

The original size is the large and is the size that I own.

Materials & Colors

From the iconic oblique canvas to calfskin, there are over 20 materials and colors to choose from when deciding on your very own Dior Book Tote.

How the Dior Book Tote is Made

As I mentioned before, 37 hours of work goes into making the original embroidered version of the Dior Book Tote and upon competition, it will have 1,500,000 stitches in it. It’s an absolutely stunning work of art.


The cost of a Dior Book Tote will vary depending the size and material and each year, Dior has annual price increases for their classic silhouettes, which includes the Book Tote. Currently, the mini starts at $2,550, the small starts at $3,250, the medium starts at $3,300, and the large starts at $3,500.

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Pros of the Dior Book Tote

  • Extremely sturdy and well-crafted
  • Can fit so much, including a laptop
  • It’s a fun, colorful statement bag
  • Multiple size options

Cons of the Dior Book Tote

  • There’s no zipper to keep items secure
  • It’s heavy, even when it’s empty
  • The handles are fabric and get dirty
  • The price

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