The Easiest Sausage Skillet Recipe

sausage skillet recipe

Delicious meals don’t have to be complicated or require a ton of cleanup afterward. In fact, some of the most satisfying dishes come together with just a single pan, and that’s exactly what we’re diving into today. Get ready to dive into this mouthwatering sausage skillet recipe. Whether you’re a busy weeknight cook or simply someone who appreciates the harmony of flavors in a single dish, this recipe is about to become a staple in your kitchen.

Sausage Skillet Recipe

The Ingredients

To whip up this quick and easy smoked sausage skillet, gather the following ingredients:

  • Corn Kernels: To add a subtle crunch to this dish, I’m adding two cups of corn kernels sliced straight off the cob.
  • Pre-Cooked Sausage: I’m adding 12oz of pre-cooked sausage for the main source of protein. Just toss ’em in, and they bring this savory, meaty oomph to your dish. No cooking stress, just deliciousness.
  • Red Bell Pepper: Dice a large red bell pepper, and you’ve got yourself a pop of color and crunch.
  • Zucchini: I’m slicing up one large zucchini to add a touch of mild flavor and tender texture. Zucchini is a super lowkey vegetable that’s easy to sneak in for picky eaters.
  • Olive Oil: Also known as your trusty sidekick in the kitchen. Pour a tablespoon and drizzle it, swirl it, whatever – it’s there to make things taste yummy and keep things from sticking.
  • Chili Powder: I’m adding half a teaspoon of chili powder for flavor. Not too much, just a gentle kick that wakes up your taste buds.
  • Fresh Cilantro: Chop as much as your heart desires to sprinkle a little bit of green happiness on top and make everything taste a little brighter.
smoked sausage skillet
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The Instructions

  1. Prep The Ingredients:
    • Cut the corn kernels off the cob.
    • Slice the zucchini into rounds. Nice and thin, like coins.
    • Dice up the red bell pepper into bite-sized pieces.
    • Give the pre-cooked sausages a quick slice. Not too thin, not too thick.
  2. Heat The Pan:
    • Put your trusty skillet on the stove.
    • Turn the heat to medium and let it warm up.
    • Drizzle in the olive oil and coat the pan.
  3. Sizzle The Sausage:
    • Toss in the sliced sausages and cook for about four minutes until slightly browned.
  4. Sauté The Veggies:
    • In the same skillet, toss in the sliced zucchini, diced red bell pepper, and corn kernels.
    • Add in the chili powder and give them a stir and allow them to cook for a few more minutes or until the veggies soften up.
  5. Finish With Cilantro:
    • Chop up that fresh cilantro. It’s like the grand finale.
    • Sprinkle it over the skillet. A touch of green freshness.
  6. Serve And Enjoy:
    • Turn off the heat. Your skillet masterpiece is ready.
    • Chop up that fresh cilantro and sprinkle it on top like it’s the grand finale.
    • Serve over rice, and get ready to taste the magic!
midweek meals for families

One Of The Easiest Midweek Meals For Families

If your family is anything like mine, then you’re always on the go! This is one of the quickest midweek meals for families. It takes around thirty minutes from start to finish and even satisfies my picky eaters. Plus, it tastes great as leftovers!

There are so many ways you can adapt this sausage skillet recipe to meet the needs of your family! For example, if your picky eaters don’t love the vegetables listed, try swapping them out for or adding onions and squash. For this easy one pan meal, I used a classic smoked sausage skillet, but you could switch up the flavors by swapping out for a cajun or an italian sausage.

easy one pan meal
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There you have it – the easiest sausage skilled recipe sure to make weeknight dinners a success! It’s easy, tasty, and the best part…just one pan to wash. Bon appétit!

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    This was such a yummy and quick meal to make tonight. Please continue to share more quick meal recipes on your blog.