Perfumes to Try This Spring

perfumes to try this spring
favorite spring perfumes

Spring is in the air! Over the last week or two, I started to switch over my wardrobe for the season ahead and could not be more excited to be reunited with some of my favorite spring pieces. In addition to switching over my wardrobe, I’m also switching over my beauty products. Yes, this includes my perfumes. To me, perfume is much more than a fragrance. It’s a way to make someone smile, a way to remember a family member, and a way to shift your mindset into the season ahead. Switching out my perfumes each season is something I’ve done for years and it’s something I always get so excited to do. If you enjoy doing this, too, or are just looking for a new scent for the new season, here are five perfumes to try this spring! And of course, they’re all ones that I wear and love.

Perfumes to Try This Spring

gucci flora perfume review

Gucci Flora

I will never say no to anything Gucci; I swear they can do no wrong! The Gucci Flora perfume is one of my favorites, especially for the spring months. With a fruity floral scent with pear, white gardenia, and brown sugar notes, you truly won’t be able to get enough of this perfume. Gucci Flora is a great everyday perfume and the branding on the bottle is so fun!

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tom ford lost cherry perfume review

Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Tom Ford makes some of my favorite scents, especially for spring! Each of their perfumes is in its own fragrance family which I love. If you’re looking for one of their scents to try this spring, I can’t recommend Lost Cherry enough. It’s a warm and spicy scent, with notes of black cherry, tonic bean, and almond. It’s definitely a full-bodies perfume starting off with black cherry and liquor scents before a tease of almond, making it the perfect scent for a spring date night.

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More Tom Ford Perfumes to Try:

perfumes for spring
burberry perfume review

Burberry Her Elixir

Bold and sensual, Burberry Her is exploding with notes of dark red berries, jasmine, and vanilla, giving it a warm floral scent. It’s sensual and addictive and along with its warm floral scent, it also has the signature fruity-gourmand scent that Burberry is known for. It’s also a perfume that can easily be a signature scent or a scent that you just wear during the spring months. If you love the original Burberry her, the elixir is everything that’s in the original, plus so much more.

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my burberry perfume review

Burberry My Burberry Blush

Another Burberry perfume that you cannot go wrong with! My Burberry is available in a few different scent types, but Blush is my favorite for the spring months. It’s on the fruity side of the floral scale and has notes of pomegranate, rose, and jasmine. Every time I wear this scent, it immediately captures my senses and gives off such a feminine scent. If you’re looking for a new perfume that captures the essence of Chanel Chance and Gucci Flora Gardenia, this is the perfume for you!

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the best floral perfume

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Marc Jacobs’ perfumes have been around forever and for good reason! Daisy has an explosive fruity floral scent that you’ll be able to have in your rotation for years to come. It has notes of strawberry, violet leaves, and jasmine but isn’t overwhelming. It’s a very feminine perfume that is floral and smells like spring, but with a softer scent. I promise you’ll get compliments on it, too!

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