My Cleaning Must-Haves

Cleaning is probably one of my least-favorite chores but having a clean, organized home feels so good. Especially with two little ones! Our day-to-day lives can get messy, our home gets dirty, sticky, and messy, and staying on top of cleaning is a must (no matter how much I hate it!). To make it as quick and easy as possible, I’ve worked on finding cleaning tools and products that work for our family.

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My Cleaning Must-Haves

Having tools and products you can rely on to keep your home clean is a must! If your cleaning routine needs an overhaul, here are a few of my cleaning must-haves.

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Dyson V10 Lightweight Vacuum

I’ve tried a lot of vacuums over the years but none of them ever came close to Dyson. The Dyson V10 is super lightweight, cord-free, and doubles as a hand-held vacuum which makes cleaning easier. It’s also super valuable and can suck up everything from pet hair and dust to bulk debris like cereal. Perfect for households with kids or pets!

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Clorox Disinfecting Mist

This disinfecting mist is a new-to-me product and I truly don’t know what took me so long to try it! I love that it’s aerosol-free and leaves my countertops clean without leaving behind any residue. The lemongrass scent is also amazing, it smells so good compared to your typical cleaning products! Cleaning has never been easier.

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O-Cedar Spin Mop & Bucket

There was a while there that I relied 100% on my Swiffer sweeper. I know, I know. Thankfully, I’ve learned better and incorporated this spin mop and bucket into my cleaning routine. Not only does it make sure my floors are clean without wasting excess water, it also makes cleaning fun. Who knew! The cleaning system features two tanks which helps continuously clean the water. One of my favorite features is the foot-activated spinning wringer, which allows for hands-free wringing!

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