5 Fun Family Halloween Costumes To Wear In 2023

fun family halloween costumes

The leaves are turning, and the air is getting crisp. That can only mean one thing…it’s time to break out the fun family Halloween costumes! If you’re anything like us and can’t wait to dive into the spooky spirit with your family, then you’re in for a treat. I know in a few years, my kids will no longer be into matching family costumes, but for now, they’re obsessed, and I’m going to soak up every year of it. This year, let’s make Halloween extra fun and extra memorable for you and your loved ones with these fun family Halloween costumes!

What Are Good Halloween Costumes?

It’s all about coming together, having a blast, and creating memories that’ll last a lifetime. So, what are good Halloween costumes? Well, it’s about finding a theme or characters that resonate with your and your “boo crew,” bringing out your inner creativity, and, most importantly, having fun in the process!

what are good halloween costumes

It’s no secret that we’re kind of obsessed with easy movie character costume ideas. Typically, we’ll just take a page from whatever movie or TV show are kids are enjoying at the moment. Whether you decide to go with a classic theme, get inspired by your favorite movies, or cook up something entirely unique, the key is to make sure everyone in the family feels excited and comfortable in their costumes. After all, Halloween is all about letting your imagination run wild, and when you do it as a family, the results are spooktacular!

Fun Family Halloween Costumes

easy movie character costume ideas
halloween character ideas

Toy Story Family Halloween Costume

A Toy Story-themed family costume is like stepping into a world of childhood nostalgia and imagination. Imagine the joy on your kids’ faces when they get to become their favorite characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, or Jessie! This family Halloween costume is especially perfect for larger families because there are so many different character options. Plus, the best part is that Toy Story is a timeless classic, so whether you’re a parent or a child, you’re bound to have a blast!

mother and son matching halloween costumes
concept halloween costumes

Encanto Family Halloween Costume

An Encanto-inspired family Halloween costume is like bringing a piece of the magic of Casita and its enchanting residents right into your own home. This costume concept is filled with vibrant colors and catchy songs, and the powerful message of family in Encanto makes it a perfect choice for a fun family Halloween costume theme.

best dad halloween costumes
iconic halloween costumes

Paw Patrol Family Halloween Costume

Prepare for a paws-itively fantastic Halloween with this Paw Patrol family costume! Too much? Haha! This theme allows you and your little ones to step into the shoes (or should I say paws?) of Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Skye, or any of the lovable pups from Adventure Bay. Plus, Mom and Dad can easily slide into the roles of Mayor Goodway and Cap’n Turbot. So, grab your rescue gear and experience the joy and excitement on your kids’ faces as they live out their Paw Patrol dreams while you hit the trick-or-treat streets for treats!

easy character costume ideas
creative halloween costume ideas

The Little Mermaid Family Halloween Costume

Get ready to adventure under the sea with a family Halloween costume inspired by The Little Mermaid. From the adventurous and spirited Ariel to the dashing Prince Eric to the loyal sea pals like Flounder and Sebastian, this is one of those timeless fun family Halloween costumes that you just can’t miss! Plus, it’s easy to get your hands on affordable accessories like dinglehoppers and seashells. This iconic Halloween costume is sure to make a splash along your trick-or-treat trails.

easy book day costumes
creative group halloween costumes

PJ Masks Family Halloween Costume

Step into an action-packed Halloween with this PJ Masks family Halloween costume! Watch as your little ones transform into the fearless trio of Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko, while you and your partner become their trusty allies. A trio of heroes is truly one of the most classic concept Halloween costumes! Something else I love about this matching family costume is that the colors are bright enough to easily spot in a crowd during trick-or-treating.

non scary halloween costumes

Fun Family Halloween Costumes

All of your questions about fun family Halloween costumes answered –

What Do Most Kids Dress Up As For Halloween?

If you’re looking for something more simple to dress your littles up as this year for Halloween. Look no further than what most kids dress up as one time or another – a ghost or a mummy!

How Can I Dress Up For Halloween Without A Costume?

No costume? No problem! Check out these last-minute costume combinations made with things you probably already have.

  • Pink dress + tiara = Sleeping Beauty
  • Green cargo pants + black fitted top = Kim Possible
  • Blue tee + purple spots glued on = Sully
  • Any monochrome pink outfit = Barbie
  • Sunglasses + black suit = Men In Black
  • Green dress + fairy wings = Tinker Bell

What Can I Wear To A Halloween Party Instead Of A Costume?

If Halloween costumes aren’t quite you’re vibe, you can still get in the festive style for a party by adding a pop of orange to your outfit or experimenting with Halloween-themed nail colors or art.

As you break out the fun family Halloween costumes this year, remember that the magic of Halloween lies not only in the costumes but in the joy, togetherness, and creativity it brings to your family. Whether you choose to dive under the sea as The Little Mermaid, embark on heroic missions with PJ Masks, or embrace the enchantment of Encanto, the most important thing is soaking up these magical moments together!

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