10+ Of The Best Travel Makeup Essentials To Take On Your Next Vacation

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Keeping your everyday makeup routine can be tricky when you’re traveling, but I promise it’s not impossible! As women, we usually focus on only packing the essentials to free up as much space in our suitcases as possible but that doesn’t mean we have to make sacrifices. One of the ways we can do this is by eliminating extra makeup products we know that if we pack, probably won’t get used. As a makeup lover, I do this all too often but that ends now. If you’re in the same boat as me, I’m sharing all of the best travel makeup essentials that I’ve been traveling with as of late to help avoid this!

What Makeup Should I Travel With?

There are so many wonderful makeup products out there, which makes it hard to decide what products to take with you when you travel. Personally, I always bring the basics with me for each step in my makeup routine and if I can, I’ll opt for a palette to free up space and still have options.

ILIA Necessary Eyeshadow PaletteI’ve been known to buy individual pots of eyeshadow in the past but when traveling, they’re not space conducive. This eyeshadow palette helps free up space in my makeup bag but still provides me with multiple eyeshadow colors. This ILIA palette is great for daytime activities!

Natasha Denona Mini Bronze Eyeshadow Palette By now you know I love an eyeshadow palette and this one is truly the best for date night and dinner out when traveling! I love the bronze tones, especially when I have a summer glow.

Hourglass Brightening Airbrush ConcealerA good brightening concealer is a must-have when traveling and this one is a favorite! If I’m doing a makeup-less day, I love adding a little of this concealer under my eyes and around the corners of my nose just to brighten up my face a bit. If I’m doing a full face of makeup, I love that it doesn’t get cakey when adding other layers.

Laura Mercier Illuminating PrimerWhen traveling, I’m usually on the go the entire time and don’t have many opportunities to sit, relax, and freshen up. Because of this, I always use a primer prior to applying makeup. It keeps my makeup in place, especially on hot days. This one from Laura Mercier is also illuminating so it gives your skin a natural glow!

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best travel makeup essentials

Charlotte Tilbury Glow Cream BronzerCream bronzers aren’t for everyone but they are personally one of my favorite types of bronzers. This one from Charlotte Tilbury will always be a favorite; the consistency makes it easy to contour and the product is extremely buildable so you don’t have to worry about it getting cakey.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Blush WandOver the years I’ve tried plenty of powder, cream, and liquid blushes but this one is by far my favorite! It applies almost like lipgloss but blends so well. It’s also very pigmented but thanks to the matte finish, adds the perfect amount of color to your cheeks. This is one of my favorite products to travel with thanks to how convenient it is.

KAYALI Discovery SetKAYALI is one of my all-time favorite perfume brands. I love how fragrant each scent is and they’re really affordable! I’m usually reaching for the same KAYALI scents on a day-to-day basis so when I travel, I love taking advantage of this discovery set. Each scent is travel size and it gives me a chance to try a new-to-me scent.

Summer Fridays Sheer Skin TintIf you’re traveling somewhere hot or don’t want to bring a lot of makeup with you when you travel, this sheer skin tint is an absolute must. It’s lightweight, reduces redness, and gives your face a natural-looking finish while still being barely there.

NARS Cheek Palette I love a good palette, especially when traveling and this one is no exception. It includes all of the products you need to add color to your cheek, highlight your cheekbones, and contour. Plus, NARS is known for its amazing cheek colors. Their formula is pigmented, smooth, and long-lasting.

GUERLAIN Sunkissed BronzerWhile a cream bronzer is typically my go-to, I love a traditional powder bronzer for on-the-go. This one has the perfect amount of shimmer and adds the perfect amount of color to your face.

Too Faced Volumizing MascaraI’ve tried a lot of mascaras over the years but this one from Too Faced is by far my favorite. Every time I try to switch it up, I always end back with this one and question why I navigated away in the first place. I love that it gives my lashes depth and volume and it doesn’t flake or leave smudges on my eyelids.

Jouer Cosmetics Hydrate + Set PowderOnce I’m all done with my makeup routine, I’ll apply this setting powder to keep my makeup in place all day long. It’s also very hydrating so your makeup looks fresh all day long. This is an essential when I’m traveling somewhere hot!

I also always make sure to have an eyelash curler on me when I travel. It helps open up and brighten my eyes, especially on the days that I decide to keep my face makeup free!

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How Do You Keep Makeup Safe While Traveling?

There is nothing worse than getting to your destination and unpacking, only to find that one (or more!) of your makeup palettes broke. It’s frustrating and inconvenient! To help avoid this, it’s important to take a few extra steps to keep your makeup safe while traveling. For starters, I can’t recommend a good cosmetics bag enough. This one is an investment but it’s really spacious, keeps your makeup safe, and it’s an item you’ll have for years!

Other tips:

  • If you’re flying, pack your makeup in your carry-on or personal item to help reduce any damage from moving around under the plane.
  • If you have extra space in your cosmetics bag, add cushioning with undergarments or a facecloth to help keep products from jostling around.
  • Avoid products with glass bottles.
  • Make sure all of your products are closed, sealed, and tightened properly to avoid any spillage.

What Makeup is TSA Approved?

The good news about flying is that all powder and solid makeup is allowed in carry-on or checked bags with absolutely no size or quantity restrictions. However, when packed in carry-on bags, liquid makeup must be in containers less than 3.4 ounces or less.

When packing for your next trip, keep in mind where you’re going, the climate, and what activities you’ll be doing in your destination. By having this outlined, you’ll be able to pack up the makeup you need and in a way that keeps it safe. If products take up too much space in your makeup bag or carry-on bag or is liquid over 3.4 ounces, I always recommend grabbing your favorite products in travel sizes. Sephora has a big selection of TSA-approved product sizes that make this easy!

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