9 Of The Best School Lunch Boxes That Will Entice Your Picky Eater

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When Uriah started going to school in person last year, I was really worried about how he would handle the transition. While the transition went way better than I was expecting, I wasn’t expecting Uriah to come home from school with his lunch barely touched. Even though I am well aware of how picky he is, my mama heart shattered when I opened his lunch box after his first day. I tried so hard to put together a lunch that I thought he’d love, be excited about, and eat. 

Since then, I’ve let go of my inner perfectionist that wanted to be creating these amazing lunches for Uriah and have worked hard to find a couple of easy lunch box ideas that he’ll actually eat. Over the last year, we’ve perfected these lunch box ideas and it’s now very rare that there’s any food left in his lunch box at the end of the day. What’s been even better, putting his lunch box together each day has gotten him involved in the process and gets him excited about what he’ll be eating that day. 

If you’re in the same boat as I was with your picky eater, I’m sharing some of the lunch box ideas that Uriah loves that your picky eater will love, too!

Which Type Of Lunchbox Is Best For Kids?

Through a lot of trial and error, I’ve found that one of the best types of lunch boxes for picky kids is bento-style lunch boxes. This style lunch box makes it easy to put together a lunch that your picky eater will love. In our bento-style lunch boxes, I love incorporating Uriah’s favorite foods to help ensure he’ll actually eat what I pack for him. A few of our favorites include:

  • Sandwich Roll-Ups – When it comes to Uriah and sandwiches, the simpler, the better. I randomly tried doing a sandwich roll-up with him one day at home and he loved them so much and have since become one of his favorite lunches for school. For the roll-up, I’ll do one type of meat and cheese on a tortilla, roll it up, and cut it into three small bites. With the sandwich roll-ups, I’ll also include pickles, cheese itz, strawberries, and some M&Ms for dessert.
  • Mini Waffles – While waffles are traditionally a breakfast food, I love adding them to Uriah’s lunch box as a fun surprise. On the days I include the mini waffles in his lunch box, I also include peanut butter, celery, blueberries, grapes, some cheese, and gummies. 
  • Pizza Bites – These were one of my favorite lunches growing up and it brings me so much happiness that they’re one of Uriah’s, too! They make the perfect lunch. On days that I include pizza bites in Uriah’s lunch box, I will include a few extra snacks to make sure he’s full. This typically includes beef jerky, a cheese stick, some popcorn, pineapple, and some M&Ms.
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Best Kids Lunch Boxes For School

There are so many different types of lunch boxes out there, but as you know, the bento box style is great for picky eaters. While this makes selecting a lunch box a little easier, there are still hundreds of styles of bento box lunch boxes out there. Here are a few of our favorites that we’ve tried over the last year!

Yumbox Leak-Proof Bento Lunch BoxStarting off with one of my favorites, the Yumbox bento lunch box has a simple design on the outside but inside brings your kids on a galactic adventure. I love that it has several different compartments to make it easy to keep different items separate and each has a seal so nothing will spill or move around! The compartment sizes are ideal for healthy portioning and there is even a round dip/treat well, which we love.

OmieBox Insulated Bento Lunch Box with ThermosIf your picky eater loves hot food, this is the bento box for you! Featuring three compartments plus two temperature zones, you can pack your kid’s favorite food served warm inside this box. It’s also incredibly easy to clean! The rubber seals are all removable (and you can re-purchase new ones if they get worn or damaged) and it’s all leak-proof. 

Miss Big Bento Lunch BoxI am all for a sleek, easy-to-use lunch box and this one is exactly that! It features three compartments and four kid-friendly latches that keep the box closed and leak-proof. The size is great too for adults! It’s also microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Lunch Box Kids 4-Compartment Bento BoxThis easy-to-carry bento-style lunch box has four compartments, a 2-in-1 spork that quickly snaps into the lid, and fits everything your kids will want to eat for lunch. The airtight seals also work to keep food in their designated compartments and the buckle makes it easy to open. It comes in a few different solid colors, too.

PEPTO Bento Lunch Box with UtensilsIf you’re looking for a bento-style lunch box that is spacious, practical, and simple, this one is for you! It has three compartments (two 1/2 cup compartments and one 1 cup compartment) with enough space for a full-size sandwich. It also has a convenient handle to make carrying it easier and comes with utensils designed for children.

Bentgo Kids 5-Compartment Bento Lunch BoxDesigned with younger kids in mind (ideal for ages 3-7), this leak-proof and drop-proof bento-style lunch box is great for sandwiches, veggies, and sweet treats, and even has a small compartment for dips! I also love that the Bentgo brand supports Feed the Children, which provides resources for hungry children and families. 

Bentoheaven Kids Bento Lunch BoxThis kid’s bento box was specifically designed with kids ages 5-12 in mind! It’s a great size for larger bento-style lunches thanks to its three (larger) compartments, plus its dishwasher and microwave safe. The silicone seal is tight so it’s fully leak-proof and you can pop out the removable tray to easily microwave your meal.

Simple Modern 5-Compartment Kids Bento Lunch BoxThe Simple Modern brand is known for its great food and beverage items at a budget-friendly price. This bento-style lunch box is no exception! It comes with five compartments, making it easy to prep balanced portion meals, and has a removable insert and silicone seal so it’s leakproof and can go in the dishwasher. It comes in a bunch of colors and patterns, too!

Ermete Silicone Bento Lunch BoxThis is the first silicone bento-style lunch box that I’ve tried and it’s great! It’s made from food-grade silicone and has four compartments (three 6-ounce compartments and one 10-ounce compartment) perfect for fruits and veggies, snacks, and main food items. The lid is super easy for kids to open and it’s leak and drop-proof so it won’t break or have any leaks. It’s also dishwasher, microwave, oven, and freezer safe!

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Which Brand Of Lunchboxes Is Best?

It’s no secret that we’ve tried a lot of bento-style lunch boxes but my favorite by far is the Yumbox leak-proof bento lunch box. It’s so easy to Uriah to open and close and with its low profile, it’s easy to pack in his backpack without having to worry about him carrying it separately. We’ve had ours for a while now and it’s held up so well and is extremely easy to clean. The different colors it comes in make it easy to match the box to your kid’s favorite color, too!

If you had a picky eater or just want a fun way to spruce up your kid’s lunches, the bento-style lunch boxes are great for both! I love how versatile they are and how easy they are to clean. Even on days that Uriah isn’t in school, I love packing up a bento box with his favorite snacks when I know we’ll be on the go. It’s so much easier than having a million sandwich and lunch bags in my purse!

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