Baby Girl Floral Nursery Ideas – Anorah’s Nursery Reveal

baby girl floral nursery

Hey, lovely folks. I’m bubbling over with excitement! Today I finally get to share something super special with you all—the reveal of our baby girl’s nursery! After months of planning, dreaming, and a bit of DIY magic, our vision for a beautiful baby girl’s floral nursery has come to life. It’s a space filled with soft colors, delicate florals, and the coziest vibes for our little one. I can’t wait to walk you through each and every detail, from the Pottery Barn furniture to the adorable decor. So, if you’ve been hunting for modern baby girl room ideas, you’re in for a treat. Let’s dive into our cute baby girl nursery designed for our sweet Anorah.

Baby Girl Floral Nursery

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In the heart of Anorah’s little world is her nursery. It’s complete with cute baby girl nursery furniture that is perfect for taking care of all her needs. Right off the bat, the Dahlia Beaded Chandelier caught my eye. It’s like something out of a dream and sets the whole whimsical mood. Then there’s her name sign on the wall above her crib, making the room hers and hers alone. We chose the Willow Convertible Crib because, let’s face it, it grows with her. Paired with the breathable crib mattress, I sleep a little easier knowing she’s comfy and safe.

For the crib, we went all out with sheets—the Falling Dot Crib Sheet and Metallic Fitted Sheet pairing is just adorable. That Shimmer Tulle Crib Skirt adds the perfect touch of princess without being too much. The Rosette Baby Quilt is ready for snuggle time, soft, and just the right size. And, because every princess needs her trusty steed, the Unicorn Rocker is parked and ready for adventure.

Now, about what we’re wearing—I found the perfect dress for me. It’s comfy yet cute enough for all those photos I can’t stop taking. And for Anorah? Her outfit matches the room’s vibe to a T, making those photo ops even sweeter. And, as you can see, the acrylic diaper caddy is a lifesaver. It keeps everything I need within arm’s reach, blending right into the room’s decor seamlessly.

Let’s talk storage and decor because, honestly, babies come with a lot of stuff. We snagged the Ava Regency Drawer Chest and matched it with the Dresser and Topper for all those tiny clothes and nighttime diaper changes. Both pieces are not only gorgeous but also super practical, fitting all her bits and bobs perfectly. We also added a touch of beauty with the Blossoms Shadowbox Art hanging above her dresser. It ties in with our floral nursery ideas and just brightens up the room. And, of course, we had to think about the not-so-glamorous but oh-so-necessary Ubbi Diaper Pail. Thankfully, it blends in without being an eyesore.

For her books and toys, the 3-Shelf Bookcase was a no-brainer; it’s just the right size for her room. I found these adorable Wicker Basket Storage Bins, too, which fit into the bookcase. They keep clutter at bay while adding a bit of texture to the space. For those moments when I need a hands-free break, the Baby Swing has been a godsend. It’s cozy for her, and it gives me a moment to breathe. And no nursery in our house would be complete without a bit of greenery. The faux tree we picked is perfect—no watering is required, and it brings a bit of the outdoors in. It helps make the room feel fresh and alive.

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Here’s our little cozy corner! There are a few more gems in Anorah’s nursery that add both function and a dash of style. First up, the acrylic bookshelves. These are a sleek way to display her adorable books and keep those favorite bedtime stories within easy reach. They’re practically invisible, so her colorful books look like they’re floating on the wall. That’s pretty cool, if you ask me.

Then, there’s the Grace Flower Lamp, adding just the right amount of soft, warm light for those middle-of-the-night feedings. It’s cute enough to be a decor piece but practical enough to be a nursery must-have. Right beside the cozy corner where the Nursery Glider sits (our snuggle central), we placed the Ava Regency Nightstand. It holds everything we need close by, from a bottle of water to an extra pacifier or two.

And for the cherry on top? The white faux fur blanket. It’s as soft and cuddly as it sounds, perfect for keeping both me and Anorah warm during those late-night cuddles. It’s these pieces that make her nursery not just a room but a comfy, cozy haven for both of us.

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Wrapping up the tour of Anorah’s nursery, let’s zoom in on how we keep things decorative but organized. First off, this clothing rack has been the piece that holds it all together, literally. It’s not just for those outfits waiting for their photo-op moment. It also helps us keep her day-to-day wear organized and in plain sight. Plus, it adds a bit of a boutique feel to her room, which I absolutely adore.

Then, there are the acrylic rolling carts—yes, we got two! They’re lifesavers for storing and organizing all those bits and pieces that otherwise could easily turn into clutter. From shoes and socks to those tiny onesies that may not fit on a hanger, everything has its place now. And speaking of organization, the acrylic nursery storage and embroidered dot storage bins are perfect for her shelves. They keep things tidy while still looking stylish.

I can’t forget the little touches that make the room special. The dolls that are always ready for a cuddle, the faux floral arrangement that brings a pop of color, and the wooden name plaque all add a personal touch. And that ceramic bowl is just the right size for making those small but unique items stand out.

If you’re on the lookout for even more options, here are a few honorable mentions definitely worth considering. The Ava Regency Grand Dresser is for those needing extra storage. The Butterfly Shadowbox Art and Grace Flower Chandelier add a touch more whimsy. The Hydrangea Mirror provides a bit of reflective beauty. And finally, the Jumbo Crepe Paper Flowers are statement wall pieces that are just too cute to pass by. Each of these could add another layer of charm and function to your baby’s room, making it even more unique.

Creating this nursery for Anorah has been a labor of love. It combines practical solutions like acrylic nursery storage with personal touches like the wooden name placard. It’s a space we hope she’ll love growing up in. We’re thrilled to have had you along for the journey.

Love love this post? Here’s our baby boy nursery tour!

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